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  • eldrupk eldrupk Apr 17, 2013 9:38 PM Flag

    What's going on ?

    Given the strides that were made toward the end of last year, I can't believe the stock price is where it's at today. Extremely disappointing!! Also, not real happy with the incredibly anemic volume that remains on an everyday basis! What 's going on anyway ? The last "news" of any kind was a brutally sub par report of 1st quarter sales.

    Things seemed so promising at the end of 2012, then the entire first quarter of 2013 is an absolute bust with no news of any significance!!!

    Shareholders deserve better than this weak performance and lack of any substantive news!!! As much as I have preached patience, at this point, I'm tired of waiting......

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    • I'm right there with you my friend. I was talking to Deb on the phone about this co yeasterday, she's the reason I bought shares in this co. She has the patience of a saint, but we both think this will be an up year for ZTHO. The weaker than some of us expected reporting on the first qtr. seems to be a problem. When the earnings go up the PPS will follow but this co. is running out of time to improve their earnings. It seems some of the sh. holders are growing tired of waiting for the improved earnings, we hear how the business is growing but it's nowhere to be found on the bottom line. They need to report better earnings by the end of this year and I do believe they will.

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      • Let ME SAY JUST THIS, " THE true investor that bought this stock in the ist place , would like to see the price be higher.The company never looks at the price of the stock AT ALL OR DAY TO DAY .Its there job to produce product as quickly and sell it as soon as poss. Has anyone ever thought that at the moment were are at full-speed here, we hv no inventory to speak of, so then what is the Answer ?. I SEE the answer as being we hv to expan again, but that takes money, and mgmt wont and hasnt been willing to go into debit with a bank still at this point.The cleaner the books are , we can always borrow the money when its a lock to do so............[[[ meaning the landing of a major acct. on the dotted line for 5 years or more. ]]] and I feel as a shareholder this is the right move or way to do business still at this point. People that are not happy can " GIVE THERE MONEY/DONATE TO BUILD A PLANT AND BUY MORE MACHINES IF U LIKE, AND IM SURE THAT THE C.E.O. AND THE REST OF US SHAREHOLDERS WOULD THK YOU FOR DOING SO,,,,AND WOULD TAKE IT AND NAME THE BUILDING AFTER YOU. "......PLEASE ALL, dont forget were we hv come from over the last 5 years, and were we are today.....If u are not happy sell here, or in Sept, or in Dec., but PLEASE. dont be the stock here -------JAN. IST 2014-------- if you are truly unhappy........

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