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  • dr.zings dr.zings Apr 30, 2013 4:29 PM Flag

    This is the ZTHO

    board. News Flash(y) This is not the RAD board, not the GE, GM, F, SIRI, DIS, or the #$%$ board. This board is here for Yahoo users to discuss ZTHO. News Flash(y) Anyone who pumps or attempts to advertise any other co. here WILL be reported to Yahoo and Yahoo will suspend that person. If you think for one second anyone here has any interest in what you say, YOU'RE WRONG! If you think anyone here is your friend, YOU'RE WRONG! If you think anyone here will buy one of your hyped stocks, YOU'RE WRONG! You have insulted every share holder on this board. Stop the incessant pumping. That's incessant, not the other thing your family is famous for.

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    • JUST A BAD VOL. DAY AGAIN AT ???--- 400 TRADED #$%$

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    • PART II, .....I on the other hand , do pick for the most part my own stocks to buy and sell ist as a investor then poss. a mid-term trader. DO YOU SIR " KNOW " THE DIFF. ??? ....WE here that hv been shareholders for years hv seen people like you come , and go , and then come back with diff. names like the little child that you are. I'm hopeing like in the past when Z-trim makes its up move, you will again disapear, like the last time and dont come back. But im smart enough to know " Another Name Change " and we will start all over and hv this dance again. I'm now leaving to go to a friends house for BQQ.....YOU HV A NICE NIGHT THINKING ABOUT ALL THE MONEY I MADE TODAY AND U DIDNT FOR NOT LISTENING TO ME............IM JUST A PERSON OF GOOD WILL, JUST TRYING TO GET ALONG HERE.....GOODNIGHT.......

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    • I really feel sorry for you DR.MING. i'M SORRY you weror are one of the poor souls that didnt buy ==SIRI==RAD==AIG==SLB==BAC==HOV==F==GE==AND THE FEW OTHERS I POSTED HERE. i ALSO UNDERSTAND THAT YOU ARE ANGRY THAT U ARE NOT MAKING MONEY AT THIS TIME, while i making and more importantly sharing my picks here with people that hv been fellow shareholders for years.You hv never bought anything here but the same old basher croppoollaa and we shareholders all kn ow it. I'M not going to hv this day mseeed-up by a person with no life at all, listens to his broker for he 's not smart enough to make his own decisions on picking , then buying and selling stocks at the right time...end PART I

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