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  • flashywildwest flashywildwest Aug 16, 2013 5:02 PM Flag



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    • Read this guys posts very carefully. If you read all his posts you will see a lot of lies. I can point out quite a few lies he's told. When you make a statement that you cannot back up, well, that's a statement you shouldn't make. Also, be careful of his predictions. You'll go broke taking his advice. When ZTHO was just under $3/share he was making statements like buy ZTHO, it will be $5 before it sees $2. Anyone who bought on that advice is in trouble today. Also, recently he made a prediction about the share price for this stock by the end of this year. I hope nobody bought based on his prediction, it does not look good. Also, I think he's doing this because he bought shares at over $3/share and he's trying to get his money back. You can go back and read his posts where he says he just bought shares and what he paid for them. Basically if he can fool enough people into buying shares and the PPS goes back over $3 he can dump his shares and you, well, you bought the shares so your basically in the same boat then that he's in right now. Do you think he's going to be there to help you? His advice is obviously worthless so all he can do is give you more worthless advice, he's wrong all the time. His posts show what kind of person he is. He constantly calls people bad names, he lies, he bashes stocks he has no interest in (short or long), he types in all caps. That shows he's uneducated but yet he says he has some kind of education. The all caps hurts other people's eye when they read his posts and they've asked him to stop typing in all caps hundreds of times but he still does it. Most of his posts are about nonsense, talking about other people or just complaining about nothing at all, instead of posting facts about the stock. He causes discontent on every board he goes on and even his fellow shareholders don't like him, Most, or all, people on the ZTHO board who own shares don't like him. It's very unusual for a shareholder to be so disliked by his fellow shareholders

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