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  • wylie_money wylie_money Aug 1, 2007 1:40 PM Flag

    Anybody actually adding $100 contributions to MDISX in a non-retirement account?

    I have been tracking a portfolio of NTF mutual funds available through Etrade and comparing the results to a portfolio of Vanguard index funds on my blog

    Here is my reason for picking this one for the Small Cap Growth Category:

    Do any of you actually contribute to this fund on a regular basis in a non-retirement account?

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    • mokeefe81 Jan 8, 2010 8:46 PM Flag

      The web site you referred to is dated 2006, Info is 1000 years old in this day and age ( from that expression , you may correctly assume that I am not the youngest contributor) . How ever, I have spent many of my years as an owner of Mutual Series and Have been well rewarded. I have felt that the stability of this group was a good anchor if times got bad.ThAt not withstanding, 30 % cash in the best market in years is trying my patience. This group use to thrive on good analysis of near dead companies under Michael Price. Has it lost it's mojo?

    • Yes. I have owned it since it was headed by M Price so I have the Z ,no load, shares. Been a very nice investment and has done well under the current portfolio managers.

    • carbonplushydrogen1941 carbonplushydrogen1941 Aug 23, 2007 12:59 PM Flag

      Had these Zs over a decade without adding or worry. It's smooth sailing over the stormy seas. My only negative comment is on the morally unfriendly bent toward tobacco and captalizing on other's misfortunate. May be forced to bail, except for the tax event.

    • I made $100/mo contributions of Mutual Shares to my first daughter's custodial account between 1985-1995. The returns were magnificent and there was NEVER any lost sleep worrying about the investment.

      The Franklin people have continuted to manage the Mutual Series funds in the manner they were run prior to their sale. Don't try to fix that not broken.

      I still have MDISX in my second daughter's account and will likely be adding to it soon. If I am going to invest in this volatile market, it will be in funds proven to do well, even if only relatively, in "down" markets.

      A few years ago, I needed cash for my business and foolishly liquidated all my Mutual Shares, Mutual Discovery, and Mutual Finance. I should have left a few shares of each to provide access to "Z" shares.

      Regardless. Thank you Max Heine, sorrowfully long departed, and Michael Price. My family benefited from your financial acumen.

    • Yes I do, and have encouraged my son to do so as well. I like to pick individual stocks and see what happens (my 3 top holdings are BRKA, XOM and KO) but I'm not 100% confident of my judgment and hate to sell and so I've got backup in a few funds. MDISX isn't Berkshire Hathaway in the 1980's, and it isn't DODFX in the last four years, but it ain't bad. Kinda gives you diversity and security, but you wonder about a company that screws over unsuspecting souls like everyone outside the Z class.

      • 1 Reply to henben44
      • Nice! I wonder if the non-Z class funds exist at the behest of banks and brokers who sell such offerings. I'm not sure though...

        Do you actually contribute on a regular schedule? I actually invest in JSVAX instead of this one, because I discovered it first and did not see a reason to sell and switch over. I picked MDSIX since I wanted some non-Janus funds in my overall portfolio. I do invest in JSVAX on a regular schedule, but I wait until the first day each month that the markets are down a good clip and place my order by 3:30.

        Good luck getting your son to see the light!

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