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  • panvi391 panvi391 Sep 30, 2005 4:13 PM Flag

    Company PR

    My contact with Hurco showed there was interest in reviewing the PR policy and this release is some good evidence of that. I expect further releases through the quarter which will confirm the change. This is my expectation. If there is an interest on the part of any other shareholder about further releases, I strongly suggest a call (not an email) to management. They will accommodate any civil discussion.

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    • What other stocks are you looking at on the long side

    • "1/ I cannot fathom why you would require a new 52 week high to establish a long position"

      Actually, most traders establish long positions at new highs. The reason is there is no old resistance to derail a possible rally. For an explanation of this trading technique, I suggest you read William O'Neil's "How To Make Money In Stocks". O'Neil is the founder of Investors Business Daily.

      "2/ The other "possilbe thing that could bother you" is posting under two different aliases and DENYING you were both posters."

      Actually, I did not deny I was both posters. Those posts were done with so much tongue-in-cheek that it was obvious, and I admitted as so.

      "3/ "Now HURC is forming a bullish position". No, HURC *has been* forming a bullish position all along. You've missed it to this point. "

      Actually, I haven't missed it. See the former posts where I gave a glowing bullish forecast on HURC. Also, this was posted on Sept 27th, when HURC was trading at 15/share. So no, actually, I haven't missed it at all. Unfortunately, some people criticize those that do not hold the same stocks for months and months, but choose instead to place the money in stocks at opportune times to have the biggest return of capital. This is a trading strategy. I am always confused why people that don't follow this strategy take such an offense to others that do. Once again, aren't we all here to make money?

      My post from Sept 27th:
      "if you are a long term holder I suggest you do not get frustrated and sell here; there's a potential bullish formation forming that could possibly lead to a breakout. The stock formed a double bottom at 13.80 (where I said to it may bounce) and so has formed a W-bottom. It appears the sellers are exhausted.

      Right now, however, its in no-man's land. I think a break of 13.80 and its time to write this one off as a tax loss for the long-term holders; however, IF it can break above 16, that will be significant. But this needs to come on big volume.

      So at this point I think its prudent to hold and see if any buy interest can come in.

      IF it gets through 16 on big volume, then I will join you for a quick trade to the long side.

      Kindest regards "

    • Ohshaw,

      so when you said I was telling you what a bad investment was of HURC at 16, you weren't telling the whole story, were you?

      Yes, I stated there were both Technical and fundamental difficulties for HURC at 16.

      It went on to fall to 14 during this time. Twice.

      But you also know that a month ago I stated a very bullish analysis of HURC, so you weren't being completely honest, now, were you?

      Here's my post:


      This was a significant technical breakout for a number of reasons; as I pointed out on 9/27, HURC was forming a potential bullish pattern, after putting in a double bottom at 13.80. Plainly stated, all that rambling from jas shorting was just stupid at that point. All the smart shorts were already out of the stock once the double bottom was put in place. With the volume, it was now evident that all the sellers were exhausted.

      The bullish pattern came to fruition with a significant break of both the 50 day and 200 day moving average. What I liked about the breakout is that it broke out and ran fast, but then came back and did some backing and filling throughout the day, but never once violated its opening gap up. This is very bullish.

      So we have a bullish gap up, some successful backing and filling, and a break of key resistance at 16. It also closed at the high of the day, forming a beautiful white candle on the chart. Also, if you look at the chart and draw a line from the peak at the beginning of June and run it all the way down the tops of the chart (throwing out the August gap up) you see a very nicely defined down channel. HURC broke that down channel today.

      So what is there not to like? Volume was decent, but for a truly sustained uptrend to begin, I believe we would have to see double the volume that what we saw today. If we saw more volume, I would have joined the parade.

      You have some congestion resistance at 17, so I believe that's the near term target. It's going to have to have more volume to get through that. 18 is the next key level of resistance, then the gap high after that.

      There's a lot of disgruntled holders up here, and that resistance will put a lot of pressure on the stock going forward, that's why I think you needed to see more buy volume coming in.

      As a trader, I would place my target near 17. "

      Wow...what do you know...three days later HURC hit a high of 17.24.

      What happened next? As I said, as a trader I would take my profit at 17. The next three days it fell over 10 percent to 15.50.

      Yes, had you listened to me you could've bought your shares back at a much lower price.

      Sorry for being right about that one.

    • 1/ I cannot fathom why you would require a new 52 week high to establish a long position but then again there wasn't much you said that I agreed with.

      2/ The other "possilbe thing that could bother you" is posting under two different aliases and DENYING you were both posters.

      3/ "Now HURC is forming a bullish position". No, HURC *has been* forming a bullish position all along. You've missed it to this point.

    • The only possible thing that could bother you is that I was short HURC at 18 and covered below 15. During this time I explored the possible fundmental reasons that HURC fell. I also explored the technical reasons as well. I approached the discussion with an emotional detachment and civility towards the posters. It was I that was attacked, not the other way around.

      So you were bothered that I was short your precious stock. I made money on it, it was nothing personal to you. Yes, I did go long SSFT and sold it for a small profit when the techncial situation did not play out.

      You seem to think trading is about being right or wrong. Let me give you a small piece of advice. You will be wrong in some of your trades. It's your actions when you are wrong that determines your success. If you can get out of a wrong trade...i.e. SSFT with a small loss or even an even trade, that is a successful trade.

      Now, HURC is forming a possible bullish formation.

      I'm sorry that you feel somehow insulted that I could make money going both sides of the trade in your precious stock, but isn't that why we're both here--to make money?

    • Hey panvi391! GO FUCK YOURSELF!

      You attacked me when I complain about the company�s lack of this management's communication with its investors. Now here you are tooting your horn�telling people to contact IR. You are such an ASS!!!!

      This stock will be back down in no time. AND NO�I AM NOT A SHORT! I am just trying to save some newbie�s from investing in this piece of shit!

    • Comparing this months EMO event results with 2001's EMO event is evidence of enhanced communicatin with shareholders?

      Are you sane?

      I strongly suggest you have your prescription adjusted by your primary care physician.

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