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  • joe_e_smoe joe_e_smoe Oct 5, 2012 1:00 PM Flag


    Pope/Doc - I noticed the little ninny deleted some of your posts. How can you have a discussion when you have some mother superior deciding what to allow. Let's bring it over here. F him.

    Good catch on the Microsoft-Phonefactor buyout. I have a call in to Mark Kay to get his take. He had previously mentioned to me that they were looking to go after Phonefactor for infringement. Obviously, Microsoft is a whole different animal when it comes to lawsuits but also a richer target.

    Microsoft's competitors will be looking to one-up them so we may see suitors for Strikeforce, someone with deep pockets that can protect the patents. This is going to get interesting.

    I will post the results of my conversation with Mark after we speak. With the conference being on Monday, I may not catch him until after that but would not be surprised to get a call back today. He is very good with that.

    Glad to have you over here.

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    • I just got off the phone with Mark Kay. How many other CEO's take the time out of a busy schedule to speak directly with shareholders? Thanks Mark!

      He reiterated that they have sent warning letters to Phonefactor and speculated that they didn't share them with Microsoft. Also, he agreed that it shows the importance of OOB and that the large players want to get their hands on it which will raise the value of the patents and have Microsoft competitors looking at Strikeforce. They are still in daily contact with their lawyers about pursuing infringement cases. In any event, he said the Phonefactor app only runs in the cloud whereas most customers are looking to install it locally. A big plus for Strikeforce.

      He said they have a busy week of conferences coming up and will be making announcements on Tuesday about the availability of the iPhone and Android apps. He also said that their PR firm has lined up meetings with 75 of 100 contacts they made ahead of the conference on Monday. That shows the interest level in their products.

      We will be seeing several PR pieces released in the coming week which will get our name in the press and hopefully budge the stock price up in the coming days!!

      Keep the faith and buy more while you have a chance.

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