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  • joe_e_smoe joe_e_smoe Feb 20, 2013 10:46 AM Flag

    Future legislation

    From what I have read, the biggest stumbling block for SFOR to get their OOB product in the largest banks is that the banks are afraid of adding this additional layer of security because they feel their customers will flee to another bank that doesn't require it. Nobody wants to be the first to use something new even if it means another layer of protection for your hard earned money. Most financial institutions also reimburse customers whose accounts were hacked so their is no financial incentive for the customers to be more careful in protecting their passwords. If EVERY bank was required to add this layer of protection by legislation then their will be a rush to OOB. When this happens, and I think WHEN is the key word, these sub-penny prices will be like a dream. I can sit back and wait. Every day sees more and more articles on hacks and NOTHING currently being used is preventing them. I see this like legislation requiring the use of seatbelts. If we are not forced to do it, we won't, even though we know it will prevent serious injuries in the event of an accident. The government will be forced to do something because it will prevent an all out assault on our key industries.

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