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  • cancerdx cancerdx Sep 24, 2013 10:16 PM Flag

    Spanky's latest scam attempt


    "has an S-1 filed (convinced they are waiting for that 5yr lock sharing agreement to be over before they disclose it, think its in Nov if I am not mistaking...) "

    There is no 5 year lock sharing agreement or anything with shares of DX held by anybody.

    The only thing 5 years was the term of the Hunter Carr / RECAP Marketing consulting agreement. Carr / RECAP owns a huge amount of shares of DX and despite posts claiming they could sue RECAP, - not a chance. ARYC cut a horrible deal in 2009 and that stock and all the subsequent stock given to RECAP, CARR and John Howell is O/S forever.

    Per all SEC filings, Howell still owns all the preferred stock in DX giving him total voting control. Carr/RECAP own a huge amount of shares. Scott and Linn own another bunch and maybe a very large bunch. Then even as the IH glee club has posted, the group of RECAP/CARR/RHODES/AEF/Scott/Linn all seems to be 100% calling shots.

    The S-1 before it was pulled by DX couldn't even get the details right on what stock was issued to who, when and at what value. Details in the financial statements, footnotes, body of S-1 and Exhibits conflicted with other parts.

    And after all that, ARYC owns less than 45% and falling every time ownership percentage detail gets disclosed.

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    • Actually, as usual, NO Scam here, no BS stories, just facts that are provided from the company and news articles that you bash. I am just holding completely steady with 275,200 shares. which is 275,200 longer than you have EVER held. but keep posting your total BS which nobody believes, respects and always puts you back in your janitor world shorty. Keep bashing a stock that goes up daily because it is UNDERVALUED in everyway and everyone excepts shorty bashers like yourself know this. Keep being clueless of everything that is happening and keep shorting away. (Please make sure to tell me there are "no shorts" and show me a completely USELESS Finra report that is COMPLETELY inaccurate when it comes to OTC stocks, by all means)

      You are a the Biggest Loser and a Cancerous tumor to everything you touch, back to your straightjacket and, as always, Shut the ...... UP......

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • They have a plan to screw them all trust me they have a way around Hunter Carr and cronies! Why do you think that they are spinning AD off numbskull? To get rid of those types of snakes! Watch and learn dumbs! LOL

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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