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  • dr_c6 dr_c6 Apr 27, 2014 8:46 PM Flag

    Legal theft.

    Seems to be what is going on with Arrayit and the crooks.

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    • The volume today was telling of some interest at the 52 week low. time to load.

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    • Now is a good time to pick up shares near the 52 week low.

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    • We had some large volume today. Looks like someone wanted to buy a lot of shares today.

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      • Yea, but we are DOWN 23%!
        Huge downward momonetum created past two days, "shock and awe" approach it seems, by who I wonder???

        We know how the same momentum works to the upside, just takes patience and some bawls.. (in short supply around here).

        Selling down here for suckers (and manipulators)
        Good luck to you.

    • Think about it. Naive on Arrayits put I know, but seems to be like this. I'm skippining the prepublic periods and 2008 - 2010.
      So these Houston guys and Howell and cronies, offer Arrayit some counseling and say, "Hey we can get that product funded and off the ground for you TRUST US", Arrayit does and proceeds to progress forward for a while. Then the "crooks" I'll call them, say hey lets spin-off AD like we advise you in 2009-2010, because financing problems will hinder the company otherwise. Theres a better opportunity to spin-off, we will all make a lot of money in the process. Arrayit agrees again. Shares are issued. Seems like things are progressing and then the criminal intent that was latent surfaces.
      Hey we can try to legally take this great novel product from Arrayit and create a dummy company with one of our patsies and make a ton of money. Lets Do it Howell and cronies say. Transfer the IP to Yarra and push Arrayit off of the table buy issuing a massive amount of shares to the crooks parties of interest. Great way to tdo business!
      Howell resigns, because he forsees massive legal fees down the line, for the crooked game they played. Now, Steven and Gregg are onboard to "progress" the test forward and correct the S-1, which they failed to do because they are cronies as well. Meanwhile poor arrayit is left trying to clean up the mess and get the test back in their hands. "All paper" at this point. So now Tamarin sees the value and feels wroneged by everyone. And now want the test and want the rights because she sees the opportunity to get rich and feel important in her perceived wounded warrior status.
      It's always about the money folks. These third, and forth and firfth parties all see the value and the importance of the OvaDx test, and they all want it!! they want it all! Greedy people who want money and to screw anyone over to get it. It's all trying to be done legally of course so nobody is absolutely liable because of corporate entities.

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      • Seems this way. There is more to the story, and time will tell. The trial is in the summer, so we shall see.
        Obviously Arrait will have legal fees and struggle, but it seems that they have been wronged and that sophisticated corporate crooks have manipulated this company for a while now and that it's like bad cold you're trying to shake off. It also seems like the are legally trying to steal OvaDx and the hard work the Arayit has put into all the work to make this test a reality. Too bad for Arrayit. They need to be wise with who they do business with.

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