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  • slowturtlesquirrelfish slowturtlesquirrelfish May 6, 2014 1:59 PM Flag

    New here, unsure about buying...

    I have been watching this board for several months and want to hear what the people see in this company. They haven't done anything to show they care about their stockholders or company PPS value risking a buyout. MANY ARE FRUSTRATED. The greatest place to find news about them is in twitter, of all things. And then there is the lawsuit about unlawful discharge of an employee and that sketchy stuff with Tamara, or whatever her name is, avant, and DOCRO. So far OvaDX and the new factory doesn't seem like a big enough payoff for their lack of company output to maintain valued investors.

    Sentiment: Strong Sell

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    • There is some truth to what you say, which is why we are where we are. Its called buying fear and despair.

      The new facility and labs have only been in operation for 5 mo's or so, and already they are begininning to help the bottom line and present many new oportunities for revenue growth. It is unrealistic to expect immediate/dramatic results, all of this takes time and patience.

      Arrayit is well positioned to capitalize on the emerging field of personalized medicine, and the PPS will eventually reflect this. The Science here is cutting edge, but unfortunately the management has had numerous misteps and has failed to deliver on a long list of promises, there is no disputing that.

      By the time everyone is comfortable with the prospects and potenetial here, the PPS will be many times higher than now. This thing moves either direction incredibly fast, initiating a position at this level in anticipation of next 10Q is a good move IMO.

      As for the legal disputes, There is more to it than what is found web searching. With recent progress on Ova DX and claims made on recent 10K that ARYC holds all IP/rights, they are quite confident this too shall pass.

      Bottom line is that Arrayit is growing and gaining market share in this industry, brighter days are ahead. If you like blood in the streets opportunities now is the time.

      For any specific questions, contact them directly. Dr Schena is considered a pioneer of microarray's, and is well regarded in the industry. They are nice people who do not hesitate to speak with investors.

      Yep, it is pretty gloomy here right now, which has always been the time to buy this. We are waaayyy undervalued reletive to peers. We shall pop again!

      Tamara, "or what ever her name is" Nice try!


    • You've come to the wrong place for due diligence. Go through the SEC filings and the PRs since 2008 and contact the company president.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • new here ???? u sound like a seasoned basher to me...with your newly created acreen

    • buy AMBS instead if you like to see your bank account grow .
      lots of good stuff happening .

      Just Saying !!!

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