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  • topbottomok topbottomok Mar 23, 2003 4:20 PM Flag

    Bin Laden wins! Bush no match...

    Nothing can be giving Bin Laden greater pleasure than the spectacle of the West going to war to topple his hated foe, the �atheist Satan�, Saddam Hussein. Even in his wildest dreams, he cannot have imagined what has now come to pass, Saddam about to go and Islam radicalised against the West.

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    • If that's the case you better get cracking and making money, so that you don't have to lean on the government.

    • You are all idoits, Bin Laden, Sadam will die, unfortunately many innocent civilians also, stand behind the President and the country or get the hell out!!!

    • 1. My money is still betting that bin Laden is dead.

      2. Who gives a crap what bin Laden might think? We're not against something, we're for something.

      3. We're doing what we have to do, what circumstances dictate. I could care less who is "radicalized". We don't react, we act.

      4. We're over there for many reasons. But one of the effects of our being there is a clear message to the world: you f**k with us and you'll wish you hadn't.

      5. Extremist Muslims want to be martyrs? No problem, we're happy to accomodate them. To paraphrase Patton, the point is not to die for a cause, but for the enemy to die for their cause.

      6. Many people say that waging war perpetuates more war. Answer me this: Since WWII can you tell me the victories won by the German and Japanese Armies? I didn't think so. Total victory brings peace. If Reagan was right about anything it was this: Peace through Strength. I didn't make the rules people, it's human nature.

    • How right you are........

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