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  • rallymode rallymode Jul 30, 1998 12:17 PM Flag

    can someone explain to me why RII's shar

    I'm a little confused. The earnings were inline, but the stock sold off. Is there something in the conference call that people did not like?


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    • ...unless it turns out to be your spooge on Monica's dress.

    • I would not be surprised now, with the prolonged
      nature of the GM strike, with the slowdown in RII's
      earnings, and with the overall disdain for roll-ups, stock
      deals, and the like that this stock sees $12 or $15
      before it ever sees $25 again. Investors punish stocks
      like this when the market turns over. These companies,
      such as RII, are built on the issuance of stock, the
      purchase of earnings, and are thus financial card games.
      When the game ends, the cards fall in.

      Look at
      PAW, ESA, and others.


    • I take a short weekend getaway and come home to
      this thanks to any of you for
      giving me the earnings info....oh well now I am
      poor.......if you wanna recoup these losses take a look at
      CMGI, a real winner amongst intenet stocks...currently
      on a dip from 90 down to 67...own like 24 intenet
      companies including 30% Lycos, 35% Geocities (IPO AUg. 11),
      and they just today sold a company (Planetall) to
      AMazon for 225,000 shares of stock, as well as a company
      ( last week to Hollywood video for a ton of that
      stock. 8 more IPO due over next 18 months, use this dip
      to buy!!!

    • I realize I am asking for information on the long side...anybody out there care to comment on the 1999 distribution...or am I reading it wrong...

      'Cause that's where the money is..

    • By the way, I did sell (thank goodness).

      "The fires in Florida hurt earnings" -- oh please! This management does not tell the truth.

      That is a fact.


    • Do you listen to the conference calls? Management
      did lie. They insisted that the waste IPO would not
      hurt earnings. Period. Now, they say it will. That is
      a lie, or that is bad advice.

      There are many
      other examples of this kind of thing.

      You simply
      won't admit that the roll-up game and Wayne's own
      credibility are hurting them now.


    • You make some good points, but most shareholders
      won't be around for decades. Who knows what will happen
      in decades? Nevertheless, management made many
      misleading statements to shareholders. Just the fact that
      management insisted that the waste IPO would not impact
      earnings to then say yesterday that it would is an arrant
      falsehood. This kind of thing will punish the stock


    • Come on do they really think everyone is that stupid? Why don't the use ElSwindelo ? Or just come clean and tell the truth.

    • Size is merely the means to an end, not an end in
      itself. A large number of quite shrewd entrepreneurs
      either sold out, or bought into - depending on your
      perspective, RII's business proposition. They did so because
      they recognized the competitive opportunities which
      being "big" afforded to WHOMEVER could achieve it first
      in their highly fragmented (and enormously
      inefficient) industry. Those opportunities haven't - and won't
      - disappear. Despite the numerous distinctives of
      auto retailing, economic fundamentals still apply.
      Economies of scale WILL prove an enormous competitive
      advantage. Wal-Mart, Home Depot and many other firms (yes,
      including Blockbuster) have proven this - to the great
      misfortune of their smaller competitors. This game is in its
      early innings. If it can execute its business plan
      (however imperfectly), RII has growth opportunities that
      could take decades to fully exploit.


    • Yes GRVO..sell, you should have a long time ago
      when you started biching 4 months back..listen to your
      gut feeling and shut the hell up! for you
      Krispy/butt kisser...I see you sucking up to people on this
      board now, but awhile back I remember you slaming and
      cursing everyone...others might have forgotten, but I
      haven't. I will be your thorn forever!! PS...get off your
      high horse and quit thinking I'm Eddy or anyone it that hard to believe you have more than one
      person who thinks your full of crap!!!

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