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  • mburne31 mburne31 Jul 19, 2000 10:17 AM Flag

    MKF isnt that far off

    on the GM thing. But she should concern herself
    more with industy sales numbers, than the automakers
    corporate profits. Most of those guys are massive
    multinationals with quite diversified operations, that would be
    truly difficult to completely "weed out" for her
    comparison to be truly useful.

    I've always said that
    when Autonation setled into normal dealership trading
    valuations, it's stock would move along with the industry
    (barring that that AN not make huge individual

    Now that AN's trading at a p/e of 8...right where it
    pretty much belongs...
    as sales go up, so should the
    stock, as sales go down etc.

    Problem for
    investors is...given the way sales have been (at record
    levels for 5 years : 17mil+), there is a great
    likelyhood that the industry has a long way to drop in the
    future. I remember when 15 million cars wasn't considered
    a bad year. Now it would look like a disaster.

    So might AN stock at that point.

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