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  • gable005 gable005 Mar 18, 2006 12:35 AM Flag

    Wells Fargo ?- NO WAY

    will the Wells Fargo stagecoach pull into Atlanta. The STI Board will not sell out as they want to perpetuate themsleves and all the fat fees they earn.

    STI and Coca Cola Director Williams is a hardass who will block any deal. He fucked up at Coca Cola as a Director, he will do the same here. Good old boys reign supreme. Williams blocked Jim Kilts' taking over at Coke because Kilts' wife didn't want to move to ugly Atlanta and WIllims insisted. He will block any sell out attempt by SunTrust

    Solution ? Get rid of WIlliams

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    • What about telling the masses what to do; especially if they're young ladies with big ta-ta's who are attracted by your big .......... wallet. I thought that was one of your great joys in life!

    • I am not a Democrat either. I am an Iowan and I live not that far from Cummings. I have lived in Iowa his whole time in office so I've been priviledged to vote against him every time he's run for office. Lest you think I'm a rabid anti-Democrat, I also voted for his old boss, Democrat Neal Smith, every time he ran for office. I know both of them, what they stood for and who they were.
      1. Senator Harkin in his first term in office in the House of Representatives no longer had any residential connection to Iowa other than a POB and relatives living on the old farm.
      2. This continued until his brother died and he inherited an interest in the farm. That happened in the past 5 or 6 years. Before that, his visits were political or visiting family only. From about 1976 to 2001, he literally spent more time in the Bahamas at his vacation home than in Iowa in any given year even counting all his political visits and campaigning. Even the local liberal rag developed the habit of referring to him as the Senator from the Bahamas because of these facts. Of course that was because they wanted him to spend more time in Iowa doing more to get Democrats in office.

      If you want to be accuracy please be completely accurate.

    • I am NOT a Democrat, but please, let�s give Tom Harkin his due�he is from Iowa, ( a town named Cumming, population: 150) and after going to Iowa State in Ames, he later practiced law there. He does have a residence here. He visits the state often�not always to my liking, but he does his job of talking to his constituents.

      Political bashing is easy to do, but to do is accurately is more difficult!!!

    • L. Lefcow, I'm not your pal. I don't dislike you. But, I wouldn't call you a friend either; simply somebody who is confused and easily manipulated. You can wave all the insinuations about corruption, lies and dissembling that you want to. All that has been proven to date is, "It looks bad. It isn't politically correct. We don't like it." If there were something there, the Democrats would be doing something more than saying, "You propose. We oppose."
      If you want to look at corruption, lies and dissembling, look to your heros, Slick Willie and Hilary along with James Carville. Among other things, look at Whitewater; Susan McDougal went to jail rather than testify. Look at the WMD reports that came out of the Executive Branch during that administration. Funny how truth becomes lies with a change in administration!

    • Yes, I see some well regarded names on that list. Tom Harkin, senator from the great state of Bahama ( for most of his political career he had two residences - in Washington D.C. and Bahama ). His sole claim to residency in the state that he 'represented' was a POB. In his runs for office he formerly touted his 'air time' over North Viet Nam. Upon investigation it was found that the closest he got to Viet Nam was Manila and Tokyo. Funny how that claim dropped from his political c.v.
      Then, John Kerry's service is a subject of much controversy. All I will say is that there is as much or more dispute about his honesty as there was about Harkin's

    • Thanks for the kind words. I see that the house leftie did a lot of dipping, dodging and subject changing in the past 24 hrs. I'm amazed that his attention span has lasted this long. There's got to be a tree to hug or a chorus of Kumbya to lead somewhere.

    • Sorry to disappoint you, local nitwit, but I've never had the pleasure of meeting or even talking to Mr. Veritas. However, I do agree with the majority of his posts, especially the ones that 'dis you. I also like the name he chose, Veritas, because this country's press and news media need more of it.

      Now go look it up in the dictionary dumbass.

    • Of course, Bill Clinton is a hero anyway, right?

      Stuff it. Just stuff it.

    • More importantly,thought you might like to see the list of who served and the list of chickenhawks.

    • i was just wondering how long ago it was that you served our country? was it vietnam?

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