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  • timmy_fairey timmy_fairey Sep 27, 2007 6:10 PM Flag

    STI -- the last straw

    For many years I was an active and well-satisfied SunTrust client, as well as longtime shareholder. Events in the last couple of years have driven me away -- as both. Today was the last straw: I went to cash a small check, payable to my wife, with whom I have several joint accounts, after we'd both endorsed it. We've done this many times over the years but suddenly now, for no imaginable reason, I'm treated as a criminal and refused this simple service.
    .... I was told I could deposit the check and immediately withdraw the same amount. How ridiculous! How stupid! What was accomplished other than permanently alienating a formerly good customer. There are many other banks in my neighborhood and I expect they will welcome our accounts and investments. Farewell, SunTrust. Dummies.

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    • CCB was a great bank. What has happened to the branches in North Carolina?

    • Thank you for leaving STI...we do not need your type as customers/clients. For someone to get so upset over an employee doing their job...get a life!

    • The Banking Profession is gone.

      Years ago �Bankers� in branches made decisions. In the late 1980�s a trend began to centralize the decision process. That trend accelerated during the 1990�s in most banks. Today large publicly traded Banks have centralized almost all decisions and eliminated the flexibility of the �branch banker�. The reason they�ve done this is to increase efficiency, reduce margins, and provide �consistent� service to all customers. Banks have to be efficient because most banking products have become commodities. They have to keep the owners happy buy growing the stock and dividend and they have to cover their overhead. Regulators for �fair lending� requirements also scrutinize a bank�s practices and they are looking for �Discriminatory� activities. If the bank requires certain procedures and information for one customer, they have to require them for ALL customers. It doesn�t matter if they know you. A regulator might say that they know you because of your ethnicity or socioeconomic class and if it is found that they let some standard procedures slid for you but required it of another customer�.lawsuits and fines could ensue.

      At one time banks where loyal to consumers because consumers where loyal to their bank. Let�s face it today banking like most �financial services� is a commodity business. Good credit bank customers want low rates on their loans and high interest on their deposits. I heard one banker say, ��my superior service is worth about a quarter point and that quarter point premium is going down�. Customers will move a loan or deposit for a quarter point. This came from a life long �career banker� who provides what I consider �superior customer service�. He�s right.

      When I turned 18, I went to my father�s banker and got a car loan to go to college. He didn�t require my father to co-sign, I had no credit to support his decision and my income was low. He did it because he knew my family. Today that bank could be sued for that kind of activity. The same goes for cashing checks or the documentation required.

      This is the banking industry that we Americans want, this is what lawsuits have gotten us, and this is what we�ll pay for�.the adage �you get what you pay for��

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      • You are exactly right. Banking is a commodity. If you have to cash a check your using your accounts wrong. Same goes for paying any type of fee. You should never have to go in a bank these days unless you own a business or need to open or close an account. Just learn when and how checks clear as well as how to avoid fees. It's not that hard. At other banks you get immediate credit when depositing at their ATM's for checks $100 or less as an example.

      • Yours is an EXCELLENT POST.

        Many years ago when our bank became a Trust Company affiliate, many of your lax procedures changed. I used to have good customers call me from the car lot and ask if they could borrow the money to buy a certain car. I would tell them to go ahead and write and check a we could do that paperwork later. That was NOT permitted after Trust Company became our owner. Of course, I still did it anyway for some of our better customers.

        One day I had a dentist from our community come into the main office and want to buy a large CD and pay for it with a personal check draw on the local C&B bank. The branch operations officer who waited on him told him he would have to have a check drawn on Trust Company or a Cashier's Check from the C&S bank. He flew into a rage. He stormed into my office demanding that I issue the CD and that the officer apologize to him for insinuating that he would write a bad check.

        I knew his check was good so I had my secretary issue his CD but I refused to have the operations officer apologize because she was just following policy. She had not been rude to him, she was just following policy and did not want to be responsible in the event of a problem.

        Tellers do not have the authority to change policy. Therefore the "customer" with the check endorsed by his wife should have understood that, allowed the teller to deposit the check, and then discuss his problem with management.

    • The only one posting under any different aliases is YOU.

      I see in the NEXT post your call yourself threestrongpilars. LMAO.

      What a joke. Paying a compliment to yourself.

    • Will the real wr121222 please stand up? As is one wasn't enough. Alas, it is a terribly sad state of affairs on the STI message board where in addition to this long-lived multiple alias debacle we now have "imposters" masquerading themselves as other posters. I have had many spirited debates with the "real" wr121222 and although we fundamentally disagree on almost everything related to STI, wr121222 has admirably proven to be a poster of undeniable conviction, a credit his/her naive doppelganger has clearly yet to earn. Let's please put an end to this childish nonsense and get back to the business at hand.

    • For the record:

      The person using the alias wr12122 is an imposter trying to pass himself off as the REAL wr121222.

      The imposter is obviously sti_good_bank, who is known to operate under numerous aliases.

      I disavow any association with the fake alias wr12122, his posts, or opinions on ANY subjects except that he is a total idiot.

    • Bull crap! Your story doesn't fit and I don't buy it! Why didn't you talk to a branch manager or head teller? That conversation would have resolved any legitimate problem and would have taken less time then writing your BS post. If I had to guess, your wife didn't endorse the check and the teller followed proper procedure. I bet you threw a fit and walked out in a huff. I also bet your wife had no idea you intercepted her $15 mail-in rebate check. You better come clean with her on that one.

      What is your game? You have made over 120 posts over the last 16 months. And that number is only in Yahoo. Judging by the time of day you make your posts, you don't have a life. You watch a morning news show until 9 AM, make a few posts, check you stocks on line, tune in Regis, make a few more posts, then check your mail box, go Wal-Mart (and give some clerk grief about an advertised sale item not being on the shelf), go home, make a few more posts, watch the evening news followed by CNBC. You then log into your online accounts, figure out if you made any money, and then make a few more posts. Get a life- please.

      Note to some of the STI bankers on this board: Don't be so quick to throw your fellow bankers under the bus without knowing the facts.

    • Why not just deposit the check? It all sounds very suspicious to me.

      The law says a check can be returned up to 7 years on a forged endorsement.

      If you can find a bank that allows you to cash checks made payable to your wife without her being present, please give me their name. I want to make sure I dont have any stock in that bank.

    • I bet everyone at that branch was a new employee. The old ones are basically all gone to "better and greener pastures".
      Change, there are many out there.

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      • Sounds like you ran into a new teller/banker, who was following policy. They offered a solution, but you took it personally.
        There are a lot of new faces, but there are a lot of vets still around, too. The bank has a strong emphasis on customer service. I agree that your experience was far from optimal; people new to the banking business can be slow to adjust to the "policy vs. reality" decisions we have to make every day.
        Have you talked to anyone at the branch about this? Is there someone that you deal with regularly who can explain to the new person what they did right and what they did wrong? Clearly, in this tough environment, the bank does not want to lose customers. Since almost all banks have almost all the same products, service is king.

    • You just smelled that's all. They didn't want you're smelly ass coming in there anymore.

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