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  • jetsgo5 jetsgo5 Dec 26, 2010 9:52 PM Flag

    I think a buyout is around the corner

    I'm willing to bet an announcement will be made this week. Either BBT or PNC. US Bank wouldn't surprise me either but less likely.

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    • PNC, under the tutelage of Gen Ludwig, has aspirations to be TBTF and has just abt done it.

      Certainly getting STI would achieve that coveted status. lol

    • <<STI has a better franchise than Regions but Regions offers a cheaper way to get into the SE with a decent presence in GA, FL, TN, AL and TX>>

      Agreed. But usually you get what you pay for. Wachovia thought that GoldenWest gave it a relatively cheap access to the West and a chance for a coast-to-coast franchise. I personally think Regions is sick with rot at the management center and credit problems that trancend the simple real estate colapse explanation. Maybe STI is too and I just do not see it as obvious.

    • STI has a better franchise than Regions but Regions offers a cheaper way to get into the SE with a decent presence in GA, FL, TN, AL and TX.

    • Sorry to disappoint you, but that is not a sore point. Your reply still brings nothing of substance to the table. I am still waiting for the math you so proudly boast of and an explanation that gives some meaning to your $30/15 statement. And I am afraid a lot of folks would tell you the AmSouth/Regions merger was a disaster and that the bank is still deep in the ditch. Without some facts, your opinion on which is the better deal is worth zip.

    • I see you have been enlightened. The agrument was Regions vs STI frm the get go. If you were a CEO (lets pretend) and you brought STI and RF to the board.. you are going suggest sti over regions.. there is NO math that could convince any board that STI would be a better deal for share holders. You are quite sensative about the branch maanger comment.. Says alot about you. I since the truck has run over you a few times and backed up on you a few times.

    • I am not sure that I can refute you judgment that Regions is a better buy than STI, but I would be interested in what your analysis is based on. Regions has a market cap of 9B while STI is at 14B, so obviously SunTrust is "more expensive" if you can purchase either without a premium. Regions lost $6 billion in 2008 and 2009 and has had three losing quarters so far this year. STI lost $1 billion total in 2008 and 2009 and did show a profit in the 3rd quarter of this year. STI has assets of 174 billion while Regions is at 142 billion. Branch network size is relatively the same, just concentrated differently. What is it about the Region's footprint that you think is preferable to STI's? Is it their brokerage arm? You are welcome to pick a potential purchaser (who could actually do the merger without exceeding national deposit caps) and explain how the footprint of Regions fills out the buyer's expansion aspirations better. Impress me with your analysis.

      Or then again, take refuge in thinking you put someone down by calling them a branch manager.

    • HennyPenny,
      OK, enlighten me. Your statement was:
      "Why in the world would any bank of size pay 30+ when there are many out there for 15 and under"

      What is the "math" that you are referencing in what appears to me to be a very simple and straightforward comparison of two stock prices, one $30+ and one $15, in the total absence of any other criteria. Tell me in simple math terms why you believe the $15/share stock is preferable to the $30/share.

    • Branch Manager.. no doubt

      You never did the math on my comment. Do the math and come back to that stock price scenirio I out out there. No crap its shares outstanding. Its apples to apples.. Fact is if you bother to do the math, Regions is a better buy with a relative footprint.. You my "idiot" have been branded. A therory is not a math problem--- DO THE MATH

    • Don't worry, you didn't hurt my feelings; I would have to respect your opinion to let it bother me. I have never been a branch manager, and I would certainly not put one down in a comment intended to attribute lack of financial knowledge. Are you implying that job would be beneath your intelligence level, financial skill, and dignity? Predictions are not my strong suit, and without a crystal ball to know the future I suspect it is not yours either. And I am not the moron who suggested that a purchaser would decide which regional to buy based on relative share price without factoring in share float or market value. By the way, to refresh your memory, that was YOU ("Why in the world would any bank of size pay 30+ when there are many out there for 15 and under"). Finally, if you have researched my posts over the past year plus, you know very well where I have worked and in what capacities. You, on the other hand, are just another one of the score of trolls posting on this and other boards, ignorant and unable to contribute meaningful information either pro or con, just adding to the internet noise.

    • awwww, did I hurt your feelings. Its always nice to get a lesson from a branch manager/ aka finincial expert.

      lets take your posts back a year.. nostradomus is not quite in the cards for you either, so get back to opening those checking accounts

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