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  • stocktradernewbie stocktradernewbie Jul 21, 2012 10:33 AM Flag

    Horribly run Bank

    I can say that this bank has the WORST customer service of any company that I have ever done business with. My wife and I attempted to secure a mortgage with these guys. We both have great income, great credit scores etc. After 2 months they denied the loan due to a SunTrust "rule" that the potential buyer cannot own 4 or more investment properties. They knew on day ONE that I owned 4 rental properties. I have now been approved for a loan with another bank after jumping extra hurdles due to my previous denial of mortgage through SunTrust. I will forever offer free testimonials at every opportunity about this incompetent company.

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    • Your ignorance is astounding.

      "they denied the loan due to a SunTrust "rule" that the potential buyer cannot own 4 or more investment properties"

      At one time this was a Fannie rule. Ask your government about changing rules every day. Mortgage industry was a nightmare for everyone.

      Funny how folks punish and blame banks for taking to much risk and the institute guidelines to mitigate loss and when they do so babies whine about not allowing such risk.

      And yes 1st properties that folks let go are investment properties especially when a person owns multiple properties the percentages are staggering. But you would not know that as you just whine and cry like a little girl.

      Go blame Fannie Mae who changed the rules everyday.

      Clueless baby.

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      • LOL! Doesn't take much to get you worked up! The loan officer informed me that this was a "Sun Trust" rule that he was unaware of after 2 months of "processing". They could have saved a lot of time letting us know this from the start. If you are a loan officer/originator, you should be aware of these rules. Incompetent, horrible customer service every step of the way. That was my experience. Go take an anger management class. Of course if your a teenager, I can give you a pass with the name calling.

    • Learn your lesson, next time screw the banks. I refinanced recently with Quicken Loans. The whole process was done over the internet and phone. I also took some cash out for home improvements which is more difficult to do now a days. My loan was approved in 4 days, closing took about 20 days. Smooth, uneventful and easy transaction. Extremely impressed with the quality of service provided by Quicken Loans and their staff. My last refinance in 2004 was with SunTrust, even in those "good" times it was not a pleasant process as I remember.

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