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  • growthinitiativepawn growthinitiativepawn Mar 20, 2000 8:06 PM Flag


    Tonight, I pulled up this board and found that
    several messages posted earlier than today were not shown
    when I pulled up this board at work today. Could
    SunTrust be censoring here? Maybe they are tracking who
    among their employees is viewing/posting on this board.

    A question for those of you knowledgeable about
    intranets, is this possible?

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    • -Greenspan, "connected", and
      -Wants to basically drive a protacted Bear market( and
      his proceeding to do so)
      -Read, that pushing
      investment capital under
      Government Debt

      This has been and is his goal- although he
      deny (as he did in Senate hearing),
      that he even
      factored or looked at stock markets-- greensapn speak -
      only looking at overall economy

      Almost as if-
      he'd like to deny his speeches
      about wealth affect,
      and irrational exurabence

      In reality , many
      investors todays, have never experienced a "prolonged bear
      type market", so
      maybe this dose of medicine isnt
      so bad.

      Sad part is - that his weapon is
      interest rates hikes,
      and of course, we all know that
      banks, financial service companys are the hardest hit.

    • Guess you missed the overall market indices, all the other financial stocks, etc?

    • intrinsicvalueinvestor007 intrinsicvalueinvestor007 Apr 14, 2000 7:12 PM Flag

      a big drop??

    • PRAISE JESUS!!!!

    • and the only # that matters is $52.75.

    • It's guys like us that make a market...and don't
      count out BLUE...when he moves in to buy that's the
      true signal. So all OUR BS=40-100 range?

      on the Crestar thing....let the #s do the
      talkin...not the disgruntled employees...

    • STI's price of $85 in August 98 had at least
      $10-$15 of merger premium built in. Although I still
      would consider STI an eventual takeover candidate, the
      rest of the financial stocks have been simultaneously
      pummelled and are no position to do a deal. The posts on
      this board from Crestar employees would cast doubt in
      your analysis of a successful Crestar integration.
      Finally, your comment about a rate peak in the near future
      comes from where??? The CPI figure released today shows
      no sign of a weakening of the economy and is certain
      to propel future rate hikes (explaning the market
      tank today). When STI hit $85, we were in the middle
      of the Asian/Latin crisis of 1998, with a huge
      flight to quality in US Treasuries. This caused very low
      interest rates with a flat yield curve--heaven for bank
      stocks. We ain't close to that type of scenario today.
      All this BS=$40.

    • In August '98 STI was @ 85.Then Crestar
      announcement came and hello "crash". Then interest rates
      starting going up and banks just ain't gona rise with
      increasing rates and a new merger to absorb....NOW comes a
      succesful merger absorbtion of Crestar, interest rates
      moving towards a peak, a battered stock price.....If
      rates peak this summer/fall, then a return to old high
      of 85 area, PLUS a nice kick to new high. All this
      BS = 100.

    • STI plannning a 1 for 2 split?

    • Youbetcha I remember poster STI ever
      has had...STI is THE premimum REGIONAL now with
      steady, great results. Another good quarter...seems like
      they've got their act together and are ahead of plan with
      CRESTAR merger.

      Now's the time to load up and wait
      for interest rates to peak...then HELLO 100 for

      What's your take on interest rates???

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