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  • ceoeagle ceoeagle Sep 12, 2012 6:42 PM Flag

    Time to Short


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    • More great advice . Time to start buyng when under $ 21

    • Horrible advice indeed !

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      • I think it has more to do with a little everything. Short term investors are impatient and the Street was not impressed with numbers plus conference call once they digested all of the information. I for one was disappointed, but not surprised. They will have to come in stronger each time after the previous qtr if this thing is ever going to ever move. It's going to be an up hill battle each qtr with all of these uncontrollable economic factors that keep coming up..

        Sentiment: Hold

    • great advice !

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      • Horrible advice. The fed just opened the fawcets here...unlimited. it's almost a half a trillion dollars to basically take all bad mortgages off bank sheets. This will create crazy inflation, rid the banks of all bad mortgages, artificially inflate the housing market AGAIN! Nothing good of this will come. It certainly doesn't mean more jobs that's for sure...and guess what, if you are a saver, you aren' t likely to get a descent interest rate until 2016 now...screw what they tell you about 2015! This was a HORRIBLE decision. All the polititions had to do was make some changes to regulations. Drop the business interest rate to a competitive rate so we aren't the highest taxed business country, put regulations and caps on the insurance companies, regulate or make changes to legislation to how hospitals can bill, regulate the banks more stringently...these are just a few. We will pay! Trust me. This move only helps the banks, nobody else.

        It would not be wise to short now. Just my opinion. In short, if the banks play it right, they can move ALL toxic mortgages to the Fed's sheets, and hense relieve their debt loads. Bank stocks will rise again and probably pretty fast, until the fiscal cliff #$%$ kicks in, then that will be the time to short for a while.

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