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  • should be 35

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    • "Should be at 35"? huh? Its at the price it is because that is what the market says it should be. I think you mean, "I wish it was at 35 since I am a short, but I guessed wrong".

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      • well said.
        can I copy elsewhere for some other dolts?

      • By the way, after this huge set of Medicare hits, Lincare emerges at an annualized net profit of $200M. That is on $1.26B annualized revenue. Their Q2 EPS was 2 cents OVER estimates.

        Their chief competitor is reeling, giving up in the public markets and going private. They emerged at an annualized net profit of $88M, 12 CENTS BELOW ESTIMATES.

        Apria has 5x the amount of managers, layers of controls, an IT platform with over $70M invested in it over 10 years. They have very polished senior management. All that "sophistication and polish" has bought them years of mediocre results and failure relative to matching up against Lincare.

        Lincare has minimal amounts of management, an old and "unsophisticated" AS-400 IT platform, few layers, and to hear tell on this board by a few twisted individuals, senior managers who are completely incompetent and moronic.

        Isn't it all amazing? Yet, the same weirdo with 5 screen names, plus a few passing shorts, shamelessly post and continue their mantra "they are dolts at the top and this will soon crash".

        What a great ride this has been for longs, with the future now clean and green for Lincare to gobble up post-Medicare hit mom&pops at bargain prices. A year from now, I can't predict the price, but I can very safely say it will be up at least 10% from where it is now. Been that way for 20 years.

        Laughing all the way to the bank......