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  • oximetervsabg oximetervsabg Sep 10, 2005 12:05 PM Flag

    liar liar pants on fire

    No, only you and your multiple screen names.

    Your completely outrageous and unsupported claims on this board are obviously intended to cause damage to the company. Whether your behavior is rooted in having been fired from Lincare, or whatever, is unknown. But your posts are obvious in that they drip with venom. You have issues, thats for sure.

    Your posts are also irrelevant, since the stock price has soared for almost 20 years, incuding during times of severe Medicare cuts.

    It why I am a little nuts even responding to you. I guess I like to call attention to those who lie and sling mud, all as manifestations of inner emotional strife and/or character flaws.

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    • You are WAY too personalized on this company. I don't like unethical and immoral behavior either. But it exists in all companies, some more than others to be sure.

      That kind of behavior has a tendancy to catch up with the individuals, one way or another. So, you and I are not that much different in our views, just that I invest or not invest based upon making money. That is the system we are in, and it is the best system in the world, in my opinion. It has a lot of flaws, I'll grant you.

      Lincare was just slammed with a big drop off in earnings. Yes, reimbursement cuts were at the bottom of that. But, if they show signs of another disappointment, I'll be gone. Its not about liking or disliking the senior managers.

      And, as I have stated before, I would never work for this company for the reasons you stated.

    • Just so we are clear, I do not have 5 screen names, I have two. If I were trying to hide something I would not use them both. Secondarily, I am not predicting the downfall of Lincare. I have always said that the future of Lincare, as a corporation, is positive. This is due to their total disregard for anything human and their obvious obsession with the almighty dollar. In this day and age, this, and only this, will boost your bank account.

      However, on a greater scale, they suck and everyone at the top will probably go to hell for their immoral and unethical actions.

      This really should not disturb you as your God is obviously the same as theirs.

    • why bother?
      You and I may disagree on divd payout(s) etc but posters still can have civil, meaningful discourse.

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    • Got game?

    • Dripping venom is a bit of an overstatement, don't you think? I have absolutely nothing against Lincare that Lincare does not have against itself. It is quite obvious that you are a big fan. That is great...good for you. However, everyone is not going to see it your way. You must be arrested at age 12 not to see that.