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  • billthetrader billthetrader Jul 3, 2010 1:20 PM Flag

    Lincare Listed on STOCKSCANS website


    It was listed on their free stockscans results page as the only stock to come between $12 and $35 with the Big Volume.

    Is this move creating a new entry/exit point here? Maybe a Bounce Tuesday?

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    • By the way how much does Stock scans pay you per click?
      I need some extra money.

    • It is the only stock (they show) that had a volume increase large enough to qualify in its criteria range for volume increase.
      That also happens to be in the $12 to $35 catagory.

      LNCR had the big volume increase because of a major news event that is a major negative impact To LNCR`s overall business and that provoked a major sell off with a large volume increase.

      Some one was fighting that sell off all day trying to support the price by making large block trades in the open Market. All they were able to do was to slow down the sell off.
      In the last 10 minutes of trading the sell off made another run and that is a good indicator that Tuesday will bring more sell off. I still beleive this has more down side to it for the impact this news will have on LNCR.
      I beleive the split was in anticipation of this to soften the blow. This drop would have been way more, and quicker if not for the extra shares from the split.
      I also believe the dividend was a attempt to give institutions a reason not to sell. After this week end there will have been more time for the institutions to have realized the impact from this and they may react next week.
      Thats just my view so far.
      Dou your own DD and dont trade on emotion.
      good luck.