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  • fleas_of_a_1000_camels fleas_of_a_1000_camels Apr 13, 2000 7:17 AM Flag


    Sounds like a movie plot or just another deranged
    trader angry at the world. It's nothing as simple as
    that (I wish it was). I�m not a trader, rather a long
    term investor who analyzes and takes long positions in
    promising companies such as MTIC. A rather successful and
    astute analyst with a major brokerage firm told me a few
    months ago that "institutions would attempt to recapture
    the market from the individuals� (people like you and
    me). I scoffed at him and asked �that�s insane, what
    would be gained by such a thing� and �who are these
    people�. He smirked and said �you�ll see�. Well, I�ve been
    watching this market very closely ever since then and even
    more since Alan Greenspan hinted about margin interest
    being too high. Well, in my opinion this downward
    destruction of NASDAQ is more than just �natural market�
    happenstance. We have a great economy, full employment and the
    promise of more to come. Someone or a group of these
    people figured out how to get this snowball �squeeze�
    moving. In other words, keep the short selling pressure
    on (an artificial maneuver), keep margin calls
    coming in, the margin calls create more selling and the
    snowball continues. This week these people �knew
    beforehand� that the tax week would create a focused
    vulnerability and started this artificial short-selling process
    again. I Firmly believe that the people behind this drop
    are organized and profiting from the wanton short
    selling that they are creating. They are falsely
    attempting to create a financial panic, resulting in a total
    loss of confidence by the investing public in the free
    capitalist system which we have worked hard to build. The
    U.S. Government should (IMHO) start a MAJOR
    INVESTIGATION to identify and PUNISH the people are NOW
    PARTICIPATING in this organized attempt to DESTROY THE
    INDIVIDUAL NASDAQ investors. How to find them: Irregular
    shorting activity by market-makers, specialists,
    organizations or individuals is a good place to start. These
    people are attempting to upset the natural balance in
    the market through a loophole (short-selling) which
    was originally designed as a tool or market
    stabilizer. It�s not being used to stabilize the market,
    rather they�re shorting stocks to artificially create
    MARGIN CALLS. Please print this letter off or write your
    own and email or mail your congressman. The SEC and
    FBI won�t act on their own. Just maybe with enough
    support we can turn the �hunter� into the �hunted�.
    you wish to write to your congressman or senator to
    try these very helpful
    The house service
    is provided to assist you in finding and contacting
    Members of the United States House of Representatives.
    The Senate provides you with each Senators location
    file and email address. Tell them that in your opinion
    the SEC is NOT doing enough to protect the individual
    investor in this matter. It�s time to fight back.

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