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  • eagledragon1 eagledragon1 Sep 30, 2009 9:46 PM Flag


    There is the dividend payouts along with stock splits. It's right there under historical prices in the Yahoo menu on the left on my page.

    With revenues expected to be flat for the remainder of 2009, who can really say what the dividend may be, if any. But if you're looking for instand dividend gratification, then you're making the wrong value play here. GL

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    • The splits are worthless. They merely cut the same pie into more pieces- either to get investors excited, or to price the stock in a more advantageous range for their investors.

      The dividend information is very useful though. That's a nice feature under historical prices of which i was unaware. Thanks. However, the way I read that data, it seems unlikely they will pay any dividend at all. There were several years when they only paid one dividend & those were in April. The payout was very irregular too. This company obviously doesn't act in the American model- holding too much cash, only raising dividends when they think they can sustain them forever, then going into debt rather than cutting them until they are forced to. TRMD seems to pay any spare cash they have (a good thing) but scales dividends back whenever business turns down (also a good thing). That doesn't give me much to plan on, but I give them high marks for better business practices. I'm OK with being long.