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  • firstcashlong firstcashlong Jul 12, 1999 11:33 AM Flag

    What do you mean "protects"? PRA

    loans are a numbers game. the fees charged exceed the net chargebacks by a huge margin, which is why these stores are so profitable.

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    • See his post on 7/14 when the stock was $12.44
      per share. He was saying it was easily worth
      Well, i was saying otherwise. Guess what ? 9 months
      later the stock is $7 and has lost 44% of its value
      while you were touting it heavily.
      Meanwhile, i
      have easily made 30-40% on my portfolio. The fact is
      your track record is LOUSY and mine is quite good. I
      gave you folks EZPW at $3.50, sold it at $6-6.44 and
      rebought at $3.75-4.06. I make money while you run your

    • I looked quickly at USPN - selling at about book
      value, it looks like a good buy for the long term. They
      don't trade very actively, so it would not be a good
      short-term stock. I think the whole sector will be
      consolidating in the next five years, with only two or three
      players left by 2005. Who knows - FirstCash or Cash
      America might be interested in buying USPN in the future.
      P.S. The Yahoo boards over at Cash America are full of
      some unhappy campers - seems some management changes
      might be in the works over there. Any comments about
      some sort of merger possibility between FirstCash and
      Cash America? Seems like Cash America needs some
      agressive management from FirstCash.

    • I am currently invested in USPN. This is a group
      of pawn shops in this sector. They are merging with
      another group of pawn shops. They also have a website
      under development. I am wondering what anyone may think
      of this stock in the long-term. The stock is trading
      at 2 dollars with a book value of 1.68.

    • reading on this co tells me the price is about to
      move. They are really pushing the internet focus,
      although lately that market has been more of a drag than a
      push. the difference is this company makes positive
      eps, and their website doesn't really cost them
      anything. It's pure additional profit. I like the payday
      loan website idea, as well, and I really think this
      website could make tons of money. Looks like they are
      making plenty from the payday loans in all their stores.
      I bought in today (only a small position of 2,000
      shares or so). I appreciate all the positive comments on
      this board, most of the others have a lot of name
      calling and maliciousness, etc. Good luck to all....julio

    • stong buying and uptick to 12 1/2. Waiting on further news on items mentioned in last press release.

    • Looking over the internet stocks this morning, it
      seems obvious to me, that people are starting to look
      at companies with profits, or at least the
      possibility of profits., etrade, etc. have all
      lost 50% of their value (based from the 52 week high).
      FirstCash has shown that it can make real profits in their
      core business, and any additional income from the Web
      site will be icing on the cake. Business Week has a
      good article this week about the comeback of small cap
      stocks. All of this looks good for long-term appreciation
      for FSFS.

    • by the end of this week, the 52 week high will be
      $14.30 instead of $18. It was a year ago that we had the
      internet-induced, short-lived spike that has haunted us for a year
      now. a $14.30 52 week high will make the coming gains
      seem much more impressive, IMO.

    • price has nearly come back to its recent highs after the cash america disaster press release.

    • Nothing has changed with FCFS -- the strategy to
      enter new lines of business is paying off in a big way.
      I would look for some more announcements from them
      in the near future regarding the payday loan website
      that was mentioned in the press release, as well as
      possible alliances with other companies, which was also
      mentioned. I'm really not making this stuff up, the company
      said it themselves, so you've got to believe something
      is coming down the pipeline. These could really be
      huge for us all. Management seems to be doing
      everything in its power to increase the value of the company
      and the stock. I love it.

      And by the way,
      since the yield on the payday advance loans is 360%
      (according to one of your posts), they really only need a
      $30,000 or $40,000 pra balance to generate the $10,000
      per month in add-on revenues. This is VERY doable.
      10,000x12monthsx100pawnshops=12million in ADDITIONAL profits!!!!

    • I called Scott Williamson at FCFS yesterday, and
      he told me that nearly every call he fielded related
      to the Cash America problems. I think that is what
      absolutely affected the stock price yesterday. Already today
      the bid and ask have ticked up considerably.

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