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  • mcm298 mcm298 Dec 1, 2012 10:34 PM Flag

    A New Beginning at DSS

    After years of poor management, failed promises and a dead stock, a new leadership team and patent monetization strategy/merger with Lexington Technology are the best things DSS has accomplished in a long time.

    Riding below the radar unnoticed because of its small size and lack of accomplishments, I believe there's a small window of time now for investors to pick up some cheap stock before the merger is concluded and positive news surrounding their patent suits against Facebook and LinkedIn begins to unfold. More similar deals could be brewing.

    A number of astute financiers also become large owners of DSS after the merger, including billionaire investor and Teva Pharmaceutical Chairman Phil Frost. I like having someone like Phil playing on DSS's team.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • Where can I find the information showing Philip Frost will have a large ownership stake in DSS after the merger? Dr Frost is well respected and an excellent businessman......thanks.

    • What has happened to all the promise and polish of DSS? I have been watching this as it should move upwards as the date of the Lexington Technology play gets nearer. It seems that their only setback was the request for change of venue and that only affected the timing and not the validity of their claim.

      Currently DSS is trending lower on very light volume and there are no buyers. At one point, I considered taking a position here on the Lexington deal...............but this is looking more and more like a gamble and there doesn't seem to be any really smart money involved. Where are the pros here. Why isn't the smart money buying into this story?

      I'm still openn to a buy here but this is not looking good and I may need to just drop this off the watch list.

      Can someone give me a reason to buy..................and then why buy now versus buying later?

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      • Thanks for the reply as I have DSS on my watch list. My quesiton was really less about the chart technicals and more around the stock price and the merger with LTG and then the various warrants/options all seemingly at a higher price. In essence, I am just asking questions around something that seems a bit too good to be true...............and why the trading volume is so low.

        Overall, I am not a big fan of patent litigation except is blantant and egrious cases as the broadly written patents and litigation does stifle technolgy and adds to product prices. But, I also don't make the rules and can see this as a way to pay me back for the times I have to overpay.

        I have been through the Seeking Alpha articles and it is just so surprising that DSS is trading as low as it is and at such low volumes.

        Perhaps I just need to trade this more technically and less fundementally???????????

        Anyway, thanks for the reply. To be sure I am not missing anything, what is the bullish case to buy here and buy now? Is it just the LTG merger (SEC & shareholder votes in Feb 2013) as there doesn't seem to be any other key items/dates before April.

        Thanks in advance for any insight you can provide.

      • its called a pullback. we have broken the trend and will now consolidate . stocks do not move straight up unless there is a buy out.lots of macro issues to deal with before the merger and that will certainly cause some volatility. smart money is already in and they will know when to add.look for a pickup in volume as an indicator. personally i have added several times and probably will buy more as opportunities present themselves.

        from one article...

        Lexington invested in DSS through a PIPE at $3.30 per share- 27% higher than the current price of $2.60. Lexington also has $35.5 million (7.1M shares at $5) riding on DSS trading above $5 per share by April (a rally of 92% from current levels). Moreover, the private round in August converts near $3 per share, and there are lots of investors like Hudson Bay that took big stakes above the current price. As I wrote above, investing at the current market price of $2.60 places you alongside a lot of very smart, committed and institutional-grade money.

        i would like to see people buy but if you have any reservations then this is probably not for you. do your own research and make your own decisions. JMO

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    • Frost also is head of OPKO and buys tons of the stock almost daily. Last I saw he was up to almost 135 million shares. The stock is about 4 1/2 bucks. If he gets only 10 or 20% as excited with DSS it's off to the races.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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