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  • humane.socie humane.socie Dec 11, 2013 5:40 PM Flag


    What Facebook does is exactly what Bascom patented. The patent was filed in 2002 when FB's CEO was a pimpled teenager who probably did not know how to spell patent.

    You can read all about it in pages 30 - 40 of 75-page white paper entitled

    Intellectual Property: The Emergence of Document Security Systems" by J.P. Moreno, available in PDF format at (search for the following website: diversifiedip).

    .....Remember: Time is on your side and knowledge is power.

    J.P. Moreno has attracted significant investor attention due to his detailed analyses of VirnetX Holding, Inc. (NYSE MKT: VHC) on July 1, In August 2012 VHC won its case against AAPL and was awarded $368 million

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    • TWTR will be next

    • People don't realize the implications that these lawsuits will bring on the entire internet, that is why they are slowing the court cases so they make sure that the final decision is a good one, this is way much more than David vs Goliath, this will have huge shock-waves on all similar situated internet companies, it's not a simple case, but we will definitely be getting paid, the big question is how much the damages will be and what future percentages these companies like Facebook and the other majors will have to pay! This year I had some JIVE which I have currently sold for a profit, anyway, they were smart and settled out of court since they knew they were wrong! Facebook and the biggies will not be able to postpone this forever! This recent court set back is actually in our favor and may induce the BIG's to possibly make a settlement offer to DSS for a lower price offer to stop the suit and enter into an agreement for future percentages!

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • I am afraid it doesn't matter. Patents can be, and HAVE BEEN invalidated by courts before. The concern now is that Bascom's patents are very similar to those under review by the Supreme Court, ie they do a similar thing. if the Supreme Court finds that the USPTO erred in granting patents in the case they are hearing now (which the court CAN do) and that you cant patent a process like this, it does not bode well for the DSS case. if the court upholds the patents in the case, it will help DSS a great deal. So, this has very much become a bet on the outcome of a US Supreme Court case and may investors do not like to "bet" on stocks based on that. Hence, the plunge this week. This has turned into an even more high risk, high reward stock.

    • TWTR will be next

    • THANK YOU!

    • yeah baby


    • Humane Society, thanks for this (I had no idea the Humane Society were investors in the Department of Social Security (DSS! lol), I'm from the UK and DSS here stands for just that). Anyway, diversifiedip is certainly an interesting pre-bedtime read, I'd recommend to all serious longs here. The patents do seem qutie relevant and cover how corporate networks and social networks operate. Almost appears too good to be true. We shall see. IMO, these should be extremely valuable to FB, not least to protect their business against rival social networks and worth their while paying for this. If they were to make an offer of 0.5B for the whole dss/lexington outfit, that's only $10/share. Goes to show how undervalued dss still is. We're talking about a company that recently made a $3B offer for snapchat and were declined. $800m for instagram was the price paid. And lets not forget that dss has a core business too, which nobody on this board seems to remember of late. I'm a big believer in anti-counterfeit business opportunites.

    • Thank you for the reference! Got it!!

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