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  • tigerpawn tigerpawn Aug 14, 2006 4:21 PM Flag

    honda pilot

    thinking of buying new honda pilot in 2wd
    anybody out there can give me feedback
    on vehicle such as godd or bad as far as service problems.

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    • Own an 05 and its been excellent. No problems at all and pretty good on gas.

    • awesome bullet proof typical Honda
      slightly overpriced but yopu can take it to 200000 miles with oil/tire changes/tuneups

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      • I own Honda stock and have had 2 Acura and 2 Honda....and think they are great cars.

        But I have a 1998 Ford Explorer and have 185 K on it, replaced the spark plug harness once, tires once, twice pads and calipers. I expect well over 200K mikes, and by the way, do not put any special care to it's maintenence (have gone 20 K without changing the oil). Had a Ford Ranger and Mustang Cobra before that, both also dependable long lived vehicles.

        People are wrapped pretty tight about a preceived huge quality and difference...again, I love Honda's.

        US manufactures had it good for many years fulfilling the US demand for big inefficient vehicles, now the tide has turned and they suffer.

        Just rambling....kind of mad at how easily people easily bad mounth other car manufactures based on about a 20 % range in quality ratings (why is the Honda/Toyota rating of new car problems deemed acceptable ?)

        Actually the reason I have not bought a Honda in recent years I got a bit sick of front wheel drive...when did poor handling become so acceptable ?


    • No service problems, but the awd system needs a little more maint. than the average bear with fluid changes every 15k miles. I got one for my wife last fall and she loves it. Not much difference in price between 2wd & 4wd, so unless you're keeping it forever buy the 4wd. The resale value difference will make up more than the difference in price.

      They are durable and there's nothing on the market of comparable size that gets better mileage.

    • my in-laws bought a 2003 Pilot and have 110k miles on it already (lot's of long distance travelling to see grandkids)...the only problem they've had was a sticking rear seatbelt that was replaced under warranty at 90k and a knob on the rear a/c control that cost them $20...just routine maintenance and still in good shape

      they bought the pilot to replace their 98 Jeep Grand Cherokee (90k) which they've had the following replaced:
      3 x a/c compressor
      a/c evaporator
      2 x rear diff
      3 x wheel bearing
      2 x alternator
      2 x p/s pump
      p/s rack
      not replace but literally falling off: door panels, overhead storage compartment, rear wiper, center console trim, glove box...etc.

    • buy a Civic Hybrid.

    • GO FOR IT.
      You can't go wrong. The Polit is the only mid-size SUV that will hold a 4x8 sheet of plywood flat. I'd get the AWD version for peace of mind in the rain or snow.
      Hook-up with Honda4ever for a great deal.

    • Why would you go to a stock board to ask about cars? Is there something I'm missing?

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