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  • atlantathrashers atlantathrashers Feb 4, 2005 11:00 AM Flag

    BIG DUMP!!!!

    Managements decision to expand available shelf space [Walmart and Advanced Auto] along with expansion overseas will be the driving force of a higher stock price. I've decided to give JJ an offer to be my chauffer after i purchase my Lincoln Navigator. Repeat after me "The road to seven digit wealth runs thru Irvine Calif"

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    • I have kept an eye on shelf space at Wal-Mart and noticed a couple of weeks back that PRL's was increased. Don't have any Advanced stores nearby, but a friend in the local AutoZone says PRL is the top seller.

    • Are you in love with this stock? Because you know what they say.

    • Thrasher states: <Repeat after me "The road to seven digit wealth runs thru Irvine Calif">

      Thrasher repeat after me. Prolong had to sell their building in Irvine to pay their bills and meet payroll. They now lease it from the landowner. They are sub-leasing office space to help pay the bills. They currently have a real estate sign out front to sub-lease more office space that became available after lay-offs. Does that sound like a company that has you "on the road to sevn digit wealth"?

    • Great investing advice from a man who is not succesful in his life to own anything but a car someone making minimum wage drives. Atlantathrasher, do you work at the Varsity Drive in In Atlanta? I like your Onion Rings you guys serve there. I thought that was you changing the urinal cakes in the bathroom...

    • Thrasher you need go back to school and learn how business works.

      You state:<Managements decision to expand available shelf space [Walmart and Advanced Auto]>

      Since when does management of a supplier dictate what a customer has on their shelf? Duh, Walmart and Advanced Auto are customers and they decide what they want to buy from Prolong to stock on their shelf. Walmart being the huge retailer that they are with lots of clout has a very specific buying process that keeps their inventory levels low while supplying the retail customer. They have a process similar to JIT, in that they will take huge discounts off of their bills if a supplier does not meet delivery requirements. Getting new products or more products on their shelf has to go through a major analysis by them. Prolong would definitely be considered a small potatoes supplier to them and I doubt that they would want to increase their purchases and put more product on the shelf.