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  • asp924 asp924 Feb 29, 2008 12:45 PM Flag

    A lot of Shorts playing this play and they will burn their cash!

    another stupid shortie who likes to short low and buy high.

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    • Indeed they will "short low and buy high" on this one due to their unlimited greed. A drop with 50 % is not reasonable for them. They wanted to see more MF-blood ... but the only blood they are going to see is theirs! Greedy Vamps!

      What I hope is MF becomes in the next couple of days a kind of Short-trap: the Shorts keeping shorting (averaging their loss) while MF moves day after day up up, till the big Shorts panic. The last play where I saw this happening was with CPSL: from 3 to 12 in 4 days and with millions shares traded every day. What a performance!