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  • motionultra motionultra May 13, 2009 11:48 AM Flag

    We're Fooked -

    No question about it. If Rosenberg is right and I tend to believe more so than simply his assertion. I think there is much that still has to unwind, the question is how far will be drop. And is there a recovery in place.

    The drop will be fast and furious, from 6.65 to 5.50 in just 4 days. At that rate, we should be @ 4.5 soon before this settles.

    As for the recovery, that will take months. I cannot see this crossing $8 until late 2009 or early 2010 unless there is a BO (unlikely in this credit environment) and organic growth will be even harder to fathom.

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    • John, the regulation of CD swaps changes nothing for MF in the short term or near future. TO place the regulatory structure in place to monitor CD swaps could take months! Whilst MF dives.

      Again, we are proven right. No staying power. I am looking honestly to begin dumping starting @ $6.00. I have lost all confidence in this unqualified PIECE OF SH*T!

    • Well the love is fleeting, this POS CANNOT HOLD ANYTHING JOHN. Even a rumour. Something may be brewing yet MF may have the largest spread in history. Watch. They will announce a BO for this POS @ say $8.50 and MF will trade @ $6! Just the nature of this crap of a stock!

      I am disgusted. No sooner did it get back up to $6.05 and I was thinking should I....and now we are down .30 from that point. You really have to wonder!

    • I concur yet I think there is a great issue here at play. I think Obama has done about as much as possible to avert a disaster and the reality is we are still in it. His greatest mistake was surrounding himself with Clinton's old dogs that are as corrupt as Bush's.

      I believe in over regulation to me it's like a warranty. Yes it can breakdown, yet there are repercussions & assurances.

    • Speaking of the devil, just as this sucker declined -0.60 we have some large block buys come in and cut our decline in half.

      The gods love you motion!!

    • Not at all. I knew broad market decline was and is a current risk. I think we all knew that. Motion is talking about the fact that we're tanking at a greater % than other stocks relative to the market and I tend to think he has a point here.

    • The market is tanking and you think this baby is going to the moon??????...are you guys mental?

    • We're taking another dive! On nothing, once again MF takes the unnecessary lead in diving on economic news/no news/nothing! The average Financial stock drop is 4.5%, MF thus far 7.5%!