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  • johngregor1977 johngregor1977 May 27, 2009 2:12 PM Flag

    Had to cash out boys....

    I'll be back, if not I'll always check in. Great group of guys here. No one calling each other names, insulting each other like on the other boards.

    Just felt like if I didn't act my profit might have begun to get chewed up. I'm not a day trader. I'll collect dividends for now and invest in gold and silver.

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    • PWE looks good.
      Could be a double with dividends 2
      Are the earnings normal earnings or do they have a special tax treatement? Trading at or below book value !!

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      • I have to look into the tax treatment. I read something about that in the prospectus, because the gas fields are located in Canada we may owe them as well as uncle sam.

        Guy in my office turned me on to it. He bought in at around $19.00, he's not concerned with the decline because on a decent long term hold the dividends will pay for the stock or a portion of it. Dividends are on a monthly basis.

        Seems like a decent play with energy prices on the rise, especially if any kind of recovery takes place and even if it doesn't I highly doubt gas will remain $2.50 a gallon through the summer.

        Just wanted to park my MF money somewhere that offers a return and a real chance for share appreciation.