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  • empldef empldef Jan 1, 2002 7:55 PM Flag

    To whom it may concern

    It has come to our attention that the Lenscrafters Human Resource Department has been separating associates who are suspected of security infractions by using borderline policy violations to get around the more stringent standards set for security related terminations. The most often-used policy infraction appears to be Employment Application Fraud. Most of the cases we have looked at thus far show very minor infractions that are more likely mistakes and not intentional fraud. Our firm is actively investigating this issue and would like to hear from any and all Lenscrafters and/or Sunglass Hut associates who feel they may have been terminated, suspended, disciplined, or forced to resign for reasons that were not just. We are looking at litigation options and are searching for persons who feel they may have been unjustly terminated from any companies owned by Luxottica Group S.p.A. A future post will advise whom to contact with any information you may have. Keep watching the board for further updates. If you are aware of anyone who has been unfairly terminated from either Lenscrafters or Sunglass Hut let them know of this impending action and ask them to watch this board for further updates.

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    • I would really like for you to get in touch with me about some issues concerning Lenscrafters. I have tried to contact LC HR dept to discuss them, but who wants to be put on hold for 30-45minutes.Then to just get a voicemail extension, to which no response is returned? Please post here and I will give more info.

    • Lenscrafters sells a product that people have to buy and that product needs to be modified to meet a person�s specific need, the frames need lenses. Even if someone does decide to steal an eyeglass frame, what do they do with it? They still have to have a lens put in the frame. Not a very street marketable product. Sunglasses on the other hand are an entirely different issue. Go to any street corner in New York City and ask around, I�m sure it won�t take you long to find yourself some hot sunglasses. Why, because people want them. That should explain most of your alleged shrink speculation. You don�t have shrink when you sell a product no one wants. I wonder what the Lenscrafters sunglass shrink is? I�ll bet it�s well over 3%. Onlygoinglong, to answer your question, I can name a retailer that is willing to allow a sunglass shrink over 3%, Lenscrafters. Onlygoinglong, you sound like and insider, why don�t you post the Lenscrafters sunglass shrink? Put your money where your mouth is! Let's compare apples to apples. Is anyone at Lenscrafters courageous enough to post the Lenscrafters sunglass shrink? I doubt it. You can bet it�s high, I�m betting its way over 3%. You people make it sound like these two companies are somehow similar in nature. They�re not even close. Stop trying to fit a square peg into a round hole and just admit that the people at Sunglass Hut knew how to sell sunglasses, Lenscrafters doesn�t. And hutdm, what can I say except, your so uninformed my only guess is that you were a store associate who just dreamed of being a DM, but before you were able to "climb the corporate ladder" you got caught with your hand in the cookie jar. I think the rest speaks for itself. Well hutdm, dream on.

    • Surely you don't think that LP will take the fall for a high shrink? All they do is measure it and react to tips and XBR reports.

      Store operations and field management are the ones who are held directly responsible for shrink? If you are or were a DM for any company, you can't seriously be blaming high shrink on those people in the office? To quote a post of a few months ago, it's all those people "with their hands in the cookie jar".

      Time to give it up and move on.

      By the way, I need to go back and check the message list, because I think I predicted some pretty bad inventories way back in July or August. It's so rare I'm right, I may have to toot my own horn.

    • I know very little about SGH but I do know that LC does have problems with their HR people to start with. They have had a lot of long term people leave since Dave left. (Not all due to HR) It became a free for all. A lot of back stabbing and also people setting up other people. This is very sad. This was once a very great company to work for. The investors are happy with their returns I'm sure. But for how long if they keep treating people this way? Cincy needs some strong management and they don't have it. They will do ok but I don't think great. Hey, just my opinion. :)

    • At home office in cinci, i know that assoc have been ?'d about personal conversations they have had with others at lunch and over the phone on personal time. thing is, those questioned are new and are afraid to say anything. the a/r dept is a complete joke. they don't know employment law, as there have been assoc who have had to go out on the internet and find info pertaining to various hr, salary, etc policy and have proven a/r wrong in multiple cases. I wish someone would build a case against them. They are operating unethically and need to be put in their place.

    • This will be interesting to watch.

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