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  • fineandpolish fineandpolish Aug 23, 2004 11:03 AM Flag

    Overtime for managers?

    With the new overtime law going into effect today, I wonder if job descriptions for salaried managers will be changed. The way I understand it, if the managers spend as much time selling, dispensing and adjusting glasses as they spend doing managerial duties, they will be entitled to overtime. This could impact payrolls of almost every Lenscrafters store. The same would apply to lab managers who spend as much time fabricating lenses as they do their managerial duties.

    I understand that managers at some Victoria's Secrets stores were in litigation in the last year or so for this very reason and won their case.

    This new law surely will have an effect on the proverbial bottom line.

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    • I believe it only impacts employees whose salaries pay less than $23,660. It's been a while since I worked retail, but I would think most LC management positions would pay higher. If not, they can get around it by raising salaries to the minimum.

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      • It also will depend somewhat on the states--I know in Maine there's a law that if you are "salaried" over a certain weekly amount (I think last I checked it was $250--stupidly low!) then you were NOT entitled to overtime or breaks (like lunch, coffee, etc). I know I tried to get the state to enforce the issue with Sunglass Hut, when they suddenly changed me from "salaried" to FWW (flexible work week) about a year after they took over the company I worked for. (Same time as they cut bonuses for my store by nearly 50%) The state said as long as I made more than $250 a week they wouldn't be obligated to pay me retroactive overtime for the 12 months they paid me salary--LC was claiming it was a "mistake" in processing my original paperwork & that I was "hourly FWW" all along & just didn't know it....go figure.

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