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  • wakeboardermi05 wakeboardermi05 Jun 20, 2006 1:52 AM Flag

    Payroll Hour Cuts

    Any comments about the huge payroll hour cuts in most stores? Customers walking out, phones not being answered, staff having to get up 3 or 4 times to answer phone while waiting on a customer, on and on and on... Might be profitable in the short term, but long term poor business planning. Look for increase profit this quarter, but won't be from sales increase, but taking from employees and making them do double the work. Sure this is happening in most jobs, but a business that needs returning customers to survive in the market this is bad bad bad.

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    • YES!! I am totally ashamed of the CO I now work for. We thought Cole did bazaar things. But the fact that THIS CO. has no care or regards for their employees and the customers IS TOTALLY SHAMEFULL!! We have regional managers and above who can only keep repeating the words CONSULTATIVE SELLING and that will bring in more money and then support payroll. Are the people above the store level... that are NOT working on the floor in these stores INSANE! All we have heard is "SECRET SHOPPER" everyone be careful etc etc. Are you kidding! How about the HOT BUYS! AMERICA'S BEST ..their frames are hotter than that!

      Apparently NO ONE CARES! Someone is getting rich off the backs of their employees. I have seen the banter back and forth about this co. and their fortune 500 and best co to work for..WHEN WAS THAT?! I want one employee on either side of the co..who works in the store level..tell me this is NOT hurting the co ..the employees and OUR business!! Several employees..GREAT EMPLOYEES may need to leave for their pay..they cant live on 15-20 hrs a wk when they are FULLTIME not to mention the stress of killing yourself to work alone and do the job of 3-4 people. I dont want to hear all companies do this! ALL we heard 2-3 yrs ago was how LUCKY WE were THIS IS A FAMILY CO ..they take care of their employees. WHICH THE MAJOR STOCK HOLDERS??

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      • I truly can't understand why the new RM doesn't understand that consultative selling only works when there are patients in the optical. If there is no traffice, there is no selling - consultative or otherwise.

        Sears Corporate needs to understand that associates depend on their jobs. If they are full time they expect to work full time and not be sent home early and told not to come in on some days. It really is shameful that associates are forced to scramble to find jobs elsewhere to make ends meet.

        As a Sears OD, I too feel the pinch as my salary depends strictly on the number of patients that I see. Sears Optical Corporate has done precious little to help draw patients into the optical so that I can provide the eye exams and then an associate can take over to make the sale. If LUX is doing so well, why don't they invest in Sears Optical??

      • Must be one hell of a bonus that will be given out the end of June 06 to upper management.

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