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  • mr_optic mr_optic Aug 11, 2006 11:09 PM Flag

    GM gone Wild

    Hey any LC VP's GM's, RQC's out there. We have a GM that's out of control. He shows up late and leaves early and threatens people about their job. What is the correct LC policy to stop this abusive behavior. How much power does a GM have and why it is so unchecked?

    We have lost many great employees and I fear we will continue to lose more. I suppose the only reason he is in power is because his numbers are up. But what about adding quality to peoples lives. After all don't we want to be ROC or is that just hype.

    The best place to shop, invest and work???

    Please advise

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    • You can forget getting results with the Regional Manager or Human Resource's, The open door policy is closed, it is all fixed, the regional managers have their favorite GMs that they protect from the unreasonable associates who complain, especially if the store is producing numbers. The corruption runs deep, the system works the same with the RVPs and the more you complain the more they document and target you as the problem(sound familiar?).This is part of their training process. And this my friend justifies and keeps their position secure. They preach their core values and the truth is its all about who you know. The only way to survive is to make yourself available 24/7 cancel your life, if they tell you the sky is red, It is red. Otherwise take your vision and talent and hit the road this is America a free country full of opportunity's,You don't have to be victimized,degraded,demoralized,and continually told you are not good enough by the corporate self serving paycheck collectors that truly could care less about you,and want to keep you working in fear. This has been an inspired vision, inspired by my regional manager.

    • The correct way to handle a situation where you do not believe managers are following company policy is to utilize the open door policy with the immediate supervisor. Be honest and fair with your discussion and the issue should be taken care of going forward. In the very rare instance where you do not feel comfortable discussing the issue with the supervisor, you should contact the associate relations "alert line" that is confidential, very safe and effective. There are very competent people answering this line and they are very interested and helpful in working to make Lux Retail the best place to work, shop, invest, and helping the world see. Yes we still have a way to go. The good news is we recognize it and work to improve every day.

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      • mason1ohio or anyone who can answer does the Assoc Relations work? Once a complaint/concern is made...what happens? For example a manager who is putting in hrs he is not really working..consistently...and an an employee has already gone one manager up the line and still nothing was done. Or this same manager is also harrassing certain female associates in reference to their weight. What does Assoc Relations do to protect the person who called in? Anyone know how they investigate or deal with such things? When behavior is more than something to be just written up for or spoken to about..something that is illegal and fraud. Not sure how things work with Luxottica. Anyone who can give insight would be great!

      • It seems there is a lot of people now really interested in doing a great job, now that they are being held accountable. Yes I know there are a slew of managers out there that for years have not done a good job, but there are an equal amount of employees that have had it easy for years. The slack managers will be looking for jobs in the near future because soon enough there will be no one else to blame for there stores poor performance. I would love to see Lux go to a more commission based salary vs. hourly, this would separate the quality salespeople from the clock punchers and the ones that can only sell what the insurance covers. While we are at it wouldn't it be nice if the licensed opticians could do more than be the licence on duty. Most I have seen just want to collect that high hourly wage they take no ownership for the way the stores run, and most have a hard time with basic optics, but Lux has to employee them because of the laws in certain states. Before anyone gets riled up I know there are some great opticians out there but every one has to admit that most licenses knew optics one day only, and that is when they took there test.

    • I understand how your feeling. I am on the "Cole" side of the Co. We have had one manager removed from her position but kept in the Co. It took the entire store to get this person removed. Sadly the replacement thinks he walks on water and mentions continuously he goes way back with the Regional and she removed 1 manager and she would never remove he can do as he pleases! And he does!

      We have had 3 employees quit one harassed so badly about her weight she was in tears daily. The manager comes and goes as he pleases, bullies everyone and you loose hrs or time on the floor if he gets mad at you. He makes the schedule and decisions based on HIS needs not the stores. He NEVER works a 40hr wk and yet he puts he works 43-45 or even more. He does personal selling of items and works at another business 6mths of the yr and brings that work there and literally sits at the tables and does that work.

      The Asst Manager went to the Regional last Oct and again in Jan and again in June in reference to all these things. She has been pulled from the floor to do clerical things and her numbers have dropped and she was threatened with looseing her fulltime status and health benefits for her kids.

      Well they found away to write her up for MP's. This person makes the most money with the most units sold and takes vision care home to get it done. Her hrs were cut so bad in June and July that she lost her fulltime status.

      We are looseing great employees because of Managers and above who are out of control. When is someone going to help the stores???

      The talk of the region is that this Regional lost control of her stores and now is all about keeping her job not taking care of the region like she did yrs ago. Everything is swept under the carpet and the Associate is discredited or retaliated against to be quiet!

      Who do we go to without looseing our jobs?
      The Asst Manager is looking out for the store and the associates..why isnt the Co also??

      We can't work and ROC if we are scared of every move we make and word we say!

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      • You mentioned someone being written up for not selling the expected percentage of multiple pairs. Is she the only one who was written up for this reason?

        Yes, someone can be counseled, written up and terminated for not meeting sales goals. But, I've heard that since the expectations are supposed to be the same region-wide (or maybe even company-wide), the door is wide open for class action lawsuits if anyone else who didn't meet those goals wasn't written up. In other words, if one person was singled out and others "dodged the bullet", it is unfair treatment for the one who "took the bullet".
        Consequences have to be the same region-wide, not just associates within one store, also.

        If it comes down to litigation, attorneys could subpoena personnel records from each store that could show any unfair treatment of one person.

        What a can of worms!

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