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  • purple_angel_212 purple_angel_212 Oct 24, 2006 8:38 AM Flag

    we are all in this together....

    I understand that each of us is working in a different enviroment. It seems that each brand has something to deal with that is making it impossible to see any light at the end of the tunnel.

    My point is that we need to be able to say ..hey this is not working..and apparently there any many who want to only hear...this is working and getting better.

    We are almost in shock over the utter chaos that is occuring.

    In our store in our region we are not licensed or even required to be ABO(anymore). We love what we do and we work our butts off because we are proud of how we are! None of us are walking in just picking up our paychecks.

    The situation is beyond out of control. We have had so many crazy and unprofessional things occuring and we have always been able to deal with it as best we could and did a great job!

    The problem is...there are so many screwed up things and so many changes daily..sometimes hrly and no one knows what they are to be doing! For ex: when we all did GULEC we hated it!! But we had some idea what we were suppose to be doing ..right now we have no idea what we are suppose to be saying and doing. We are "unleashed"..into uncertainty!

    We were told to walk the patient to the table sit then down then dispense their we dont do that now! We were told to say this and do that..we have no idea what is expected. Other than more money less hrs more work. One assoc to do the job of 3 atleast. We are also the vision care dept.

    We feel like many of the upper management have no idea what we are suppose to be doing from min to min. We can tell there is so much uncertainty! # expectations change daily.

    Yesterday two associates and two doctors. TOTAL chaos!! Neither of us had lunch. Used the restroom once. We had an 11 hr day. This is becoming the norm. It is easier said than "just" go to lunch.

    continued next post...

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    • Everything you say is true. Could have been written from any area of the country..... so....since thats a given. one has to wonder why Lux is doing it this way. It's not just an accident and "once they see the results" they'll make it better.They knew the results before they implemented the what are the results?
      The results are.... a lot of bitchin on a message board, crews that stick together with a sense of humor, lower payroll and material cost..The job gets done a lot cheaper...Not bad from their point of view, no?
      Everyone proffesses love and loyalty to the companies they work for even while their lives are being greatly complicated by the hours and the stress.
      I don't like what we see, but gotta hand to em...For least for's working.

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      • Same thing is going on with our locations.
        Management is stupid. You need the proper amount of employees to service the customer. Customers or getting upset and walking. And now the latest use the 95% hours for payroll.
        Close for lunch, what a joke. We would have at least 5 customers lined up when we get back ripping us a new asshole why we are closed for lunch. Wake up management.
        Are you cutting your hours tooo?
        Aloha, and no I am not from the pacific region.

    • One lady was furious she couldnt purchase the sears bpp...and felt we were just trying to get money out of her later on! She informed me she wasnt bringing her 3 kids there anymore. She couldnt understand why we no longer cared about the working people!

      We think the new payroll grid is a joke! We couldnt make enough money or have the right #s to ever get the hrs we truly need to check in jobs, verify and confirm appts and ins, file and refile and refile vision care, keep the frame boards and store in better condition. Figure out who those 50 boxes of cls belong to because they have no names or rx #'s on them. Not to mention the newest..counsel each assoc wkly and put in their file! Oh and then the SAR/MP/EZ #s must be at a certain # and yet low and behold what shows the $99 coupon. Come on LUX help us out here!

      For all of you who arent in a sears location..take a walk over to one. Ask the assoc and manager how are things? We regularly speak to the Pearle that is right across the street from our mall location. We have said to how is it going in your store? When they are done hysterically laughing..they tell us its no better.

      Well they lost 3 employees and the lab is shut and they are driving orders to lenscrafters and now there are only two people. The manager and an assoc. The manager said to me..what is going on things are bad! Do they want us all to quit or what?

      Ahh the big joke now is not Together we ROC..but Together we suffer.

      Also the newly remodeled Lenscrafters in our mall is just as unhappy it seems. Their commissions have changed and their hrs are cut.

      Too much too fast. It doesnt give any employees confidence or the customers who cant figure out why were are charging so much, have less employees to help them, poorer quality of frames and our hrs are shorter.

      We are trying to weather this storm and we dont want to quit we have been where we are for along time. However we should be heard by the company and we hope that survey is taken seriously and looked at by someone in this company who cares.

      Please like I said try to understand the other brands in your area. My store sticks together and we put up with every nutty thing that comes along and we never take it out to the floor. We do the best we can with what the company is giving us to work with. We shouldnt be faulted or looked down on for wanting our business to do well and do better than it did.

      Our Doctors are independent and we are surprised they arent more disgruntled. They are now fending for themselves and now they are being asked to do more without more help or respect from the company. Ah that Sunday hipe of a few wks ago for the Dr on Sunday has completely gone away. Cant pay people during the wk to be there let alone two assocs on a Sunday.

      We are sticking together and with a great sense of humor we are doing our jobs the best we can with what we are given.

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