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  • purple_angel_212 purple_angel_212 Oct 27, 2006 9:13 PM Flag

    Payroll grid/recept/associates needed

    I see alot of Pearle (franchise)people happy and that is great however how many of you have gone to your local Sears Optical and spoken to them?

    We have patients scheduled mon-fri 10-730 with the Dr on an hr lunch...and on that lunch he does 2 rechecks. One of those 10-730 days we have 2 Drs. Sat Dr 9-3 Each of those days we also only have 2 associates. We are doing about $3200-$4000 a day and we have to check in jobs and tag frames and figure out who all those un-numbered cls belong to.

    We are also the vision care dept for Sears side. We have many upset pts and walk-ins. I dont know what the Pearle situation is for the computer..but RIS is totally useless!

    Again I must say ..please walk over to a Sears. We have a Pearle store right across the street from us. They are down to the manager and one other assoc. Although they have no lab they are about looseing their minds there. We talk to them frequently.

    Our receptionist never sat and twiddled her thumbs. She was busting her butt! She also did alot of our refileings of the insurance which seems to have turned into some rabid monster that is out of control!

    As for the frames and theft..ahh the Sears store we are in hasnt had security in almost a yr. Also what is with the so called policy of Lux "No assoc is to open or close alone or go to their cars alone"

    The deal is the customer is suffering and in turn the Co will!! The associates are getting that no matter what they do is NOT good enough. You cant make enough to earn commission or more payroll hrs! We regularly have many people signed in and phones ringing. We cant always get to the phone and we keep only eye contact with the pt we are with.

    We take it day by day and if people get is Corporates # let them know you sat here for 40 mins waiting for your $320 glasses while 2 people ran around nuts! Most people are understanding of our situation but mad at the Co that is creating it!

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    • Wow, your office has alot of doctor office hours, purple_angel_212. Dr. Hours are provided 6 days per week? Wow. I only provide 3 days/week myself.

      I would say that in your location Lux should allow you to either increase the numer of associates working or raise payroll. There is a store like yours in the NJ reagion that is extremely busy and also has to make payroll cuts. I just don't understand the mentality of Luxottica. There seems to be no rhyme nor reason.

      What is this policy of Lux "No assoc is to open or close alone or go to their cars alone?" I never heard of that one. The only frames worth stealing are the new Ray Bans. Otherwise, most other frames are garbage.

      I have overheard patients recently state their displeasure that the Sears BPP wasn't available anymore and they also stated that the frames were as good quality as they used to be. That last statement made me wonder why they bother to come back to SO anyway. If SO is perceived as having poor quality product at middling prices, then potential patients may go elsewhere. Thus not only will the associates suffer from not being able to make a sale, but the Dr. will be denied the opportunity of providing the eye exam.

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      • One Dr has been there 32 yrs and he is beyond furious about the lease etc. He has called every Dr in our region and not one is happy! He is independent. We have alot of Dr coverage and not enough assoc. He said he will cut Dr hrs if he doesnt see assoc payroll added and no one seems to care. He has already cut double Dr days to one Dr all day and the other 1/2 day. So he is getting blamed for not mkaing us money that day!

        We kept asking HR for a policy book and just recently we recieved one for each assoc and that was pointed out by an assoc and a few other things such as breaks..that we do NOT get paid or unpaid. We thought we knew the cole god we had the jungle books. lol But with Lux who knows anymore!

        I agree the Ray Bans might be the only frames..however we have seen alot of our various magni-clips and the their frames missing also. There are no cameras down where we are located.

        Many times we have come in at 9:30am to find customers sitting in the dark..cause they got into the store and were waiting for us. Not a good thing!

        I just wish someone would see what is happening and for the others who arent in a sears store take a walk to a local store...let them know who you are...we arent afraid of sharing with the Pearle side...what is happening with us.

        We know your pain and struggle out there other sears stores..maybe we arent better together with lux...but we do stick together in our stores!

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