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  • superflyflyboy superflyflyboy Oct 31, 2006 7:08 PM Flag

    Memo to Vice President of Operations Sears Optical

    Dear Sir,

    Please, please go into a semi busy or busy Sears Optical and work by yourself with Doctor coverage and maybe part of the day with one additional employee. Do this for a week straight, maybe two. You will find out you don't have a clue what is going on in the real world.
    You will see how Sears Optical has turned into a piece of shit place to work. Under staffing is going to be the down fall of your Opticals. Your profits might be looking good for now, but you are destroying the Sears Brand. People by law need to have lunches and take breaks. The labor laws state that. Be careful, lot of hungry lawyers out there.
    You say increase sales and hours increase. You can't increase sales if you don't have proper staff on the floor. Your only kidding yourself. Consultive selling looks good on paper and DVD, but it ain't working with understaffed offices.


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    • LOL If it werent for our sense of humor we would be dangerous lol

      Ahh no fear everyone..we have a wonderful new lense EzClear and the best darn sale coming. Nov 12 ...Friends and Family and lots of coupons.

      Consider this..If you get a $300 sale..they can use that $225 off coupon and omg get another %10 off that sale and just think your potential for a sale is ..sit down all..

      a whoppping $68..whoohooo

      hmm and our goal for that Sunday for our regular hrs of 11-3 and the Dr volunteering to come in from 11-2 ..yes drum roll please...our goal is "atleast" $2000

      Ah someone put a p.s. on the end of that letter--->We were all told when we were hired that there is a drug program with this company and apparently we arent all getting our shipment of what they are smoking at corporate!

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