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  • superflyflyboy superflyflyboy Dec 6, 2006 11:12 PM Flag

    Happy Holidays-$25 bonus

    How you all going to spend your $25 lux gave each office?
    Don't spend it all in one place. Only catch you have to front the money first, then send in bill of sale to get money back. Probably good percentage of offices won't eve bother using it. Smart move on their part.
    The paper trail continues.

    Merry Christmas!

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    • I don't agree with all the aspects of Lux but as a former Cole employee we never got anything towards a holiday dinner. No, we didn't receive $5.00 per associate, the dept. as a whole could get reimbursed for $25.00 total regardless of the number of employees. Our dept has more than 5 employees so it didn't go very far, but since we were going out anyways, it helped.

    • I don't see how my response was "answered like a politician."

      Why should I provide specifics? That is not my job. I am not employed by Sears Optical. Hence, this particular issue has no bearing on me. If I were employed by Sears Optical,I probably wouldn't be nearly as critical since all LUX employees are hired "at will" and can be relieved of employment at any time. Moreover, shouldn't it be the position of the RSM to see to it that the employees are treated well and see to their well being? The most important part of any corporation are the people that make up the corporation, is it not?

      I am not suggesting that the petty $25 should be done away with, but LUX should be more charitable,particularly when it's success is dependent upon it's employees.

      Thank you for your best wishes.

    • Answered like a politician.

      Yes, I agree it's difficult. No, I'm not in a position where it affects me or I can do anything about it. Yes, I did something (not specified) for my people. They should do more (no specifics, just criticism).

      You know, we're all so critical of politicians... Maybe what we see in Washington (Dems vs. Reps) is just a reflection of us.

      I wish you good luck in your future ventures, it sounds like you'll probably me more personally satisfied running your own show. It can be challenging, but also very satisfying.

    • Yes, I agree with you. It is indeed much easier to criticize than to implement. My position as an OD does not afford me any capacity to implement policy. Yes, I realize that there are various factors at play, however, LUX has made quite a tidy profit that relied heavily on the hard work of its employees. Wouldn't, therefore, seem logical, to provide its employees with a better benefit than a mere $25 per store?

      What did I do? I have cancelled my sublease agreement. That is what I did, but for reasons having nothing to do with this particular issue. Personally, I gave out much more than $25 per associate in my location. I would think that a multimillion dollar corporation could do better.

    • Thanks, Upset, you just made my point for me. It's easy to criticize, harder to implement. The point is, whatever you suggest, someone will say it should be higher or someone will say it's irresponsible to the stockholders.

      Lux tried to do a little something for their people in the stores. There's nothing stopping anyone else from adding to that and doing more.

      So what did you do?

    • It's been the norm for the years I've been at LensCrafters for $5 per associate to go towards some kind of party or lunch for the associates during Christmas. The more associates, the more bucks. I can see the insignificance for the very small group, however. But, during insurance week, some RDOs sent messages for petty cash to be used to pay for lunch on 2 days for the associates. This also happens during the year to celebrate certain wins or accomplishments.

      I understand that Sears has some new Regional Managers. Sometimes the new ones are pretty "gung-ho" and want to please everyone. Do you have any interaction with the one in your region and do you feel comfortable in voicing your concerns about advertising to him? I'm sure he/she wants to keep his job and wants his stores to show growth. Maybe 2007 will bring some changes for you--I really hope so!

      I see very very few Sears commercials and print advertising in the midwest where I live. Sometimes I think there are more Pearle commercials than LensCrafters here. And, the LensCrafters stores outnumber the Pearle stores in this area.

    • The proper amount is certainly not $25. I won't debate what the proper amount should be, but it certainly should be much greater than $25.

      For a large, multinational corporation to provide such a low amount to each store truly shows how little the corporation cares about it's employees.

      This corporation has made record profits in 2006 and continues to grow. It's success depends on it's employees, does it not? Shouldn't the employees at least feel that the corporation at least cares for them and treats them with proper respect?

    • I understand that LensCrafters has been given the go ahead to staff heavy for the last week in the year--and overtime is o.k. if that's what it takes to cover the business. Has anyone received new hours guidelines for after the first of the year?

    • Are you referring to the payout we get for a holiday party? At Pearle, we get to petty cash it from the register. We get $5 per associate which kinda sucks but with 25,000+ associates in the company, I never really expected more than the whopping $45 my office will be getting. Burrito Supremes for everyone!!

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      • As long as I've been with LUX we have received $5.00 per associate for a Christmas party. Of course we have 17 associates in our location, so we get $85.00. We use it on a busy day of insurance week to order pizzas, sub trays, drinks, etc. My store loves it. It's not meant to be a Christmas bonus. You can give yourselves a bonus and you know how; if you don't, talk to your manager. So quit belly aching and enjoy what you do, or find a job that gives you what you want. Patients can see your attitude. I'm so glad I don't have a bunch of negative people working with me. Try getting our benefits anywhere else.

    • Yes...You are correct sir...good old Lux is relying on the infinite fallibility of the system ...they get the credit for giving it.... but, because of the cumbersome nature of implimentation, only about half will use it..pretty cool

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