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  • whomeye06 whomeye06 Mar 24, 2007 9:19 PM Flag

    Employee Turnover Rate High

    Is it true at the big conference it was discussed that Lux
    has a 46 percent employee turnover rate???
    Dosn't sound like a fine tuned company to invest in.
    Big expense to keep training over and over again.
    They need to spend some of that take over money and find out what the problem is.

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    • Turnover rate will be even higher if they don't stop playing around with the Sears Opticians commission rate. 75% are earning 0
      dollars with the new plan. If your store does not make goal for the week you get 0 dollars. Dosn't matter if you ring up $5.00 or $20,000 for the week you get nothing.

    • If it is or isn't? You definitely want the BEST people for the Job, People who Actually Care about the consumer.

    • I can speak only for the Pearle Vision side. There is a wage cap, per job title. Once you reach that cap you get no raises. You get a token "bonus" but no cost of living increase. It is very disheartening to work for a company for 8 years and know that your loyalty and expertise has no value. Your only hope is great commission checks but at 1<3% (and that's ONLY if the store makes it's weekly goals) don't hold your breath. It's more prudent to find employment elsewhere.

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      • I have watched people go from being sales associates to RM's In training. If you your happy being a sales person and have no desire to move up in the company, There is a Management Training Program in Place, But first you have to get pass the Phone Interview but, if you can't pass that? then it might be time to look for another job...

    • The number -- 46% -- is correct. It is on employees compensation summary that we receive every year.

      Let me just make recommendations:
      1) Get rid of dial-up. If you could pace five transactions out over the course of a day maybe it would be cost effective. The thing is, MOST people come in after school or other times when standing in line listening to a BUSINESS screech to get on-line, (in a time WHEN MOST HOMES have a faster access) devalues their time! It also sends a message that WE, AS A COMPANY, don�t care about staying current.
      3) LET A PERSON WHO WAS HIRED AS FULL TIME WORK A 40 HOUR WEEK! If you need to cut back��.. do it on �Christmas bonuses/goal making bonuses� for some at the expense of a living wage for others.
      4) Give a LIVING WAGE to the employees. (Personal comment: my father�s last check before he retired was 16K��.. The thing is, he supported a wife and 7 kids on that, without needing food stamps� and he sent the boys to college as well� the girls didn�t need to go to school�. shows you how old I AM!) A LIVING WAGE IS NOT 7.70 AN HOUR!
      5) Let your employees sell: CAM-CAD because no two eyes see a like. You might be able to read 20/20 but it appears BLURRED. Do a map �eye print� of their eye and test how they see in space. Test quality/ not just making your best guess. GIVE THEM THE OPTION OF THE BEST VISION POSSIBLE!
      6) Sell Trivex.
      9) GIVE SALES PEOPLE A FIXED PERCENTAGE RAISE BASED UPON THEIR SALES, AS PART OF THEIR RAISE PACKAGE. THE THING IS, if your immediate supervisor is intimidated by your excellence, they can negate anything you do or say because they become insecure.

    • :-) it's a really good company to work for and yes there are always those sour grapes in any company set high in their defensive mode.

      My point of view is from Sunglass Hut, though it is luxottica, I believe it is different from other brands in the company. I've seen regional mgrs. through out the country who have store mgrs. who have been around and happy for many many years and happy store mgrs. made happy/productive staff (domino effect)

      It's a very productive company and sails through any transitions in fastidious and efficient manner...I'm sure it weeds out the regionals when necessary if not not sooner then later...

      As for facts, SGH regional told me she works on contract and so do other SGH regionals and renew it every year. Must be something new.... There is a good, bad, and ugly in everything and everyone, overall it's a really good company to invest in.... so, BUY

    • Although a difficult place to work, there is no denying the company makes money. I guess the formula works. As a stockholder, (and I plan on buying lots more) I say go Lux! :)

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      • I worked at luxottica for over 10 years and I loved the company....I had employees who worked for me for a long time and got along beautifully as well as other managers in the region who have been around just as long as myself. We enjoyed the perks and benefits and mind you, an intelligent educated group of people simply enjoyed selling and interacting with their customers and some of the older employees are still there, it's the young ones who invested so much only to find out there isn't much growth in their careers. It's not so much the growth factor that drove me out but simply uneducated regional managers who simply didn't know how to manage group of involved dedicated mangers who needed little more than "do as I say or else".....

        But overall despite the regional managers who work on contracts its a great company

    • Problem in my region is that doctors have very poor management skills and this is the first step in selling the product. This group is inefficient, unresponsive and undirected.

      Retail has low employee morale due to lack of leadership in the regional area. This company has upside but very poor communication / management skills in the middle. They keep losing talent to smaller regional competitors, and some doctors do not know how to sell.

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      • I am a leasing optometrist with Lenscrafters. I take a strong issue with the above comment. My principle responsibility is to uncover the needs for my patient and give the appropriate options for each patient. From my recommendations, the associate can tailor the eyewear to meet the patients needs.
        Lux spends a fortune in providing the resources to assist their associates and employed doctors as well as leasing OD's like myself. They are very concerned about the high turnover rate and are aggressively addressing this issue. They are in the process of changing their management approach towards their employees and are using the book “Encouraging the Heart” as the guide. It is now required reading for store managers, Doctors, and middle management and up across all brands within the company.
        It is also important to remember that the retail aspect to this company is relatively new and still evolving. The core business is Designer Frames. Lux is the largest manufacturer of eyeglass frames and the designer names are quite well known. With their entrance into China, both frame manufacturing and retail, strong growth can be expected for quite some time.

      • This response is typical of retail management. OD's are quick to take the blame for retail's incompetence. I recently left Luxoticca for just this reason. There is a fine line between aggressive sales and professionalism. Doing what's best for patients doesn't mean selling them photos every year, artificial tears, and three pairs of glasses with all the crap!

        I know many ex-lux employees. They all hate the company with a passion. Can that be said of all retailers?

      • "some doctors do not know how to sell"

        The doctor should not be considered a 'salesperson'.

        This is why I returned to a private OD.

    • Only if the big dog's would open there eyes they would see the issue....ASC could open several eyes

    • i know people that work and worked for LUX and it's true the employee turnover in some districts is crazy high, on average (i have heard) is an employee is given about a year then they want out but LUX hires mostly students and people under 25 years of age so most young people don't see a future in retail.

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