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  • searaydancer2 searaydancer2 Sep 2, 2007 10:30 AM Flag

    In my part of Florida Lux pays les than Walmart!!

    The LUX pay scale for employees has not kept up with inflation!

    A board certified optician can make 25 an hour at Walmart.
    I was told I can expect 18! Where do you think I�ll be going when I finish school?

    I hope the Exodus will continue so that Lux will have to raise what they give their workers!

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    • Are you crazy, a WALMART shill or just a liar. $25.00/hour at a walmart??? Nuts. When they cant't hire enough licensed opticians, they just bring the GREETERS in and have them fit frames. What a hoot $25.00 at walmart.. how is your healthcare.. do you get more than 24 hours per week. say hi to all your friends in ARKANSAS

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        Listen before you call me crazy, a liar or a shill:
        For every hour you don�t have a LICENSED optician in the store you can not sell, dispense, or fix glasses.
        The LAW STATES:

        The 2007 Florida Statutes

        Chapter 484

        484.013 Violations and penalties.--
        (1) It is unlawful for any person:
        (a) To make a false or fraudulent statement, either for herself or himself or for another person, in any application, affidavit, or statement presented to the board or in any proceeding before the board.
        (b) To prepare or dispense lenses, spectacles, eyeglasses, contact lenses, or other optical devices when such person is not licensed as an optician in this state.
        (c) To prepare or dispense lenses, spectacles, eyeglasses, contact lenses, or other optical devices without first being furnished with a prescription as provided for in s. 484.012.
        (2) It is unlawful for any person other than an optician licensed under this part to use the title "optician" or otherwise lead the public to believe that she or he is engaged in the practice of opticianry.
        (3) It is unlawful for any optician to engage in the diagnosis of the human eyes, attempt to determine the refractive powers of the human eyes, or, in any manner, attempt to prescribe for or treat diseases or ailments of human beings.
        (4) It is unlawful for any person to open or operate, either alone or with any other person or persons, an optical establishment which does not have the permit required by this part.
        (5)(a) Except as otherwise provided in paragraph (b), a person who violates any provision of this section commits a misdemeanor of the second degree, punishable as provided in s. 775.082 or s. 775.083.
        (b) A person who knowingly violates paragraph (1)(c) commits a felony of the third degree, punishable as provided in s. 775.082, s. 775.083, or s. 775.084.


    • Oh how many times have I heard that cry! I have seen many associate leave to chase the mighty dollar....and yes seen many return. Those who don't return..well I usally hear of them leaving for another job..perhaps still chasing the dollar. I agree you must look at total compensation a decide what you and your skills are worth and hopefully find a suitable company who is willing to pay that. What gets me is first time opticians who get an over inflated idea of what they should be making. I say that because I am an optician as well and have seen this whole OPTI-GOD complex that many get when they have achieved their bit of paper to hang on the wall. What you will find is some companies will offer the high dollar amount...what you need to ask is why? The work you will be asked to do and the hours you will have to put in as well as the support (lack of) you will get to do yur job. That 25 dollar wil shrink quickly once you realize the true meaning of total compensation. There is such a thing as quality of life as well and that can be impacted by your work and the way you feel about your job. I am sure this will have no impact on you and your choice to chase the others you will have to learn it the hard way. I hope in your case it works out and good luck to you and your search for job satisfaction.

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      • The assets a company has are comprised of many things.
        Among these: 1) the people, 2) technology, 3) quality of their products and, 4) quality of their services.

        So let�s look at these. For the Brand that I�m a part of, I am making very little.
        Unlike Walmart (they train their employees in house to become Board Certified, I am paying for my own training without any help from them)! They are not helping me with my tuition at all because I am a part-time employee. But I work full time schedules as needed!

        I asked if I would be eligible for a raise after I pass my ABO, (and again reviewed after passing the NCLE). I was told by more than one person that UNTIL I am Board Certified I have no additional value because I still would not be able to function as the company would like employees to function. Overnight however, I could almost double my salary.
        This does not feel like respect or appreciation to me.

        2) Technology: I already explained an office with ONE �dial up� computer.

        3) Quality of products: compared to the technology out there for lenses, we don�t carry (or have plans to carry) upscale technology. A company like Lux should be leading the way in forsaking the old to replace it with the better.

        4) Quality of services: With the �made in China� lenses we carry, glasses are not holding up for the 3 months we warranty them. The metal colors scratch easily and the frames often fall apart shortly after the 3 month period. They know the quality has deteriorated as we can NO LONGER EVEN LET the patient purchase a one year warranty. Does making your customer angry sound smart to you?

        Am I chasing the Almighty Dollar or am I speaking the truth? Verify the facts!

        The upper level management overseas know they have a cash cow. I DON�T KNOW WHAT IT WOULD TAKE FOR THE US MANAGEMENT TO ACQUIRE THE MONEY for the changes that would make LUX a more respected company by their �retail peons�!

    • SeaRay,
      There may or may not be a difference in the amount of pay that an Optician recieves from Wal-Mart, Lux, America's Best, the local Optician... Rest assured it is not as black and white as a comparison of $18 to $25 (if your numbers are correct anyway). Be sure to look at commissions-spiffs, bonus, health benefits, future career growth, vacation, paid holidays, 401k, pension, philanthropy opportunities (if you are into giving back) and equally important the atmosphere and people you get to work with. When you have added all of that together, make your informed choice on where to work.

      Good luck and you have made a good career choice.

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      • I agree that the people I get to work with in my store are exemplary and the major reason I stay. (That and it is so close to my house.)
        I just don�t see LUX as staying current to build their long term value.
        The upper management has been asleep at the wheel IN TWO AREAS: TECHNOLOGY AND SALARIES.

        Do you have any idea how inefficient it is to wait for the screens to come up to: check someone�s policy, authorize insurance, input the order, bill their insurance, answer phone inquiries about previous sales, ALL while waiting for ONE COMPUTER WITH A DIAL UP CONNECTION?
        WHY SO MANY SCREENS ANYWAY? (So much more can be done on just one screen)
        This is so frustrating to the patients and the three others who need to use the computer, one of those people being the doctor!

        2) SALARIES!
        Starting pay is 7.50 per hour; that�s not even 16K! Where can you find housing today, let alone afford a car payment?
        Why was it so similar 25 years ago? Have the car costs or rent prices stayed the same?
        I bet the upper management percentage increases from 25 years ago have gone through the roof! There are too many multiples of difference between what the least paid makes and what the highest paid makes.

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