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  • ntack5 ntack5 Oct 21, 2007 5:22 PM Flag

    A Crying Shame @ Atlanta Service Center

    You are lucky you ever got a paycheck. A company does not owe you a living. If you got laid off and don't have any other option, then shame on you for not making yourself more marketable. I would not expect anyone to come to my home and say, "I've sat on my fat azz all my life. Can I have half your retirement money?" Or, how about a student that comes to you, "I didn't study, can I have your A and you take my D?"

    If LUX puts you out on the street, then go find another job. Do your best for the employer that you work for and the chances of you losing your job are less than if then next guy. It's called capitalism. Companies that cater to employees and give them a paycheck that they don't earn are doing them a disservice. Every economy that has tried socialism on a full scale has met with disaster. Capitalism works and NO ONE OWES YOU A LIVING.

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    • So, a company does not owe you a living! Well yeah, it does.
      If you work full time you should receive a LIVING WAGE. Anything less is exploitation. (And this is done at the expense of also exploiting and overworking the workers at the labs that are left.)
      Why should the people making the least be the very ones to have their hours cut back? You could save a lot more money adjusting the hours and the salaries of those making 6 figures.
      You are so out of touch with reality. How could you go to school when you are making so little and have no security of a 40 hour week? Or maybe you advocate the socialism of free education and food stamps.

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      • Wrong. They do not owe you anything. They are here for 1 reason and that is to make money and they do. They offer you a certain amount of money to preform a job. Its up to you if you are willing to work for that amount. You chose to work for that amount now you want to complain about it? That makes no since to me at all.

        Also there are a ton of job postings at any given time on for LUX I did a quick search on Lux and there are 16 pages of job openings in Florida alone. If you no longer enjoy the job you are performing look into another one. If you don't want to stay with LUX then look else where. Why in the world would you want to stay in a place that you are not happy with?

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