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  • ilslobbote ilslobbote Apr 22, 1998 2:27 PM Flag

    Last dog:

    Stock has gone to sleep. Volume doesn't indicate company employees are rapidly picking this one up...

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    • I dont get it either. I had purchased 150 shares at 93.5 and now its like I opened up a car window and let my money go. So I sold what I had and then I am going to wait till it goes down a little more(which I think it will) and then get back in and sit on it till it goes to 18 and then maybe sell.

    • but when you begin to accumulate shares of a stock DURING the time when the only thing making it jump so high is news of a
      split, then once it has split (and after the excitement) it will begin to fall. That's what is going on now. When you bought at 90,
      it had already gone up, at least, 23 pts since January. Today was a high volume day AND the stock fell. That only points to a
      lot of selling. And the only explanation is that there were a lot of profit takers. PANICKY profit takers. By the way, imagine
      how much DelVecchio is losing on his value. That's what's so good about being a small investor. You know you're stock will not
      suffer too much because those who have much more to lose will not let theirs falter. And we get a free ride. Islo, hang in there.
      Don't drive yourself crazy! Don't monitor LUX so much. It's only been a couple of weeks!

    • is when you have 200 shares at 90, then you have 1,000 shares at 18. Down goes LUX 2 points and it's like it went down 10 in a day.

      You are right- there are a lot of positives about LUX worth holding. But the stock isn't going to go up much if there are acquisitions and it is the dEl Vecchios that are the ones doing the acquiring.

      Hey last dog, you're our other LUX expert, what gives?

    • There's nothing to "correct"! Everyone seems to be getting "emotional" about the market. Everyone expected LUX to shoot to
      the moon after the split. Why should it? Why would it? The mentality I'm detecting around here is that of the health fad.
      Everybody wants a great looking body OVERNIGHT! LUX will not "happen" overnight. It will take some time. As I stated earlier, I almost
      wish LUX would shoot-up just so the fair-weather "investors" can take their profits and exit stage-left. The rest of us can enjoy
      a nice, steady rise. I still say, at least, 36 by November '98. Hell, it ain't dead until the body is a memory!

    • I think Lux is supossed to report earnings this week,does anyone know what day?

    • I sure hope you meant SENTIMENTS. You had nice things to say but next time could you please try using periods and commas. I don't like having to decipher what you're trying to say and I'm sure others don't either. Thanks and great investing.

    • should we be worrying about the stocks performance as of late b/c i figured it would do well soon after the split b/c it did so well prior to the split should i be worried or is it just a correction why is it going down and how do their future look


    • I'm actually looking for, at least, 36 by November! Don't all die laughing at me at once. But that's what the numbers tell
      me. Anyway, thanks for the welcome! I was just trying show that we must be prepared for a giant step back (if it happens) as
      well as a welcomed giant step forward! LUX has done it for me thus far. and I know it will not let me down (as long as the
      numbers are good). It has a lot in its favor. My ace is PATIENCE. Look at what happened to KTEL so far. Its numbers just could not
      and will not support a 40+ stock price. It will drop further, I'm sorry to profess. Side note: Another thing to remember is that
      the New York Stock Exchange pit is a job like any other in that some days the traders feel like working and other times not.
      When the weather is nice for a change, people drag a little. Traders drag just like anyone else. For example, when the market is
      open for just half a day before some long weekend, the media even tells us that the traders will start the weekend early or not
      trade at all! Next week will be a better week.

    • This is a good stock to buy and sell(when something happens). I'm with ilsobbote. This stock will go to sleep until something big happens. The stock might move 3 up or down. But hit 50 or 60 (Crazy Talk)
      The production of Luxottica's Plant's in Italy will increase this year by 1 million frames for 1998. In 1997 they went up
      1.5 million and 1.5 million in 1996. Growth is slowing!!!! But I have also heard many independet optical retailers have stopped
      using luxottica (Because they own Lenscrafters). When they wake-up to what Lux is doing for them (advertising) they will go back.
      Lux is spending 20 million $$$ in advertising than any other company. IF small retailers (25,000 of them) wake-up the company
      will fly. Let's face it Lenscrafters can't do all the work!!!
      If this happens the dog could be right but if nothing changes (sleep tight)

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