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  • AZHAR_95814 AZHAR_95814 Jun 24, 1998 2:26 PM Flag

    What is Wrong with this stock?

    I bought it Pre-Split at 95.0 considering the company's numbers. Since then NYSE has been proving me wrong. When the whole markete is going bullish, this is such a bear. What is wrong?

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    • No I don't do connecticut!!

      New England
      has been the worst area in the country. But is coming
      back fast now.

      ? Does the product you buy and
      what your customers what matter?? How many frames
      could you sell your customers with a laptop!!! We will
      have laptops soon but I think you should buy base on
      product and support of product!!! If you don't have what
      people are looking they may get it else where. The
      companies using computers have little advertising support
      to help then.

      I am not against licensing but
      I think opticians should be. If I had a business I
      would want my competition as weakly trianed as
      possible. If the you look what happened in N.H. you will
      see that LUX Stopped the Lenscrafters lobbyest from
      saying anything against licensing. If we did not own
      Lenscrafters they would have. You are much better off having
      us own lenscrafters than lets say Davis

      P.S. If you don't want to see product just go to board
      space management and save even more time.

    • I am an optician who is unwilling to allow reps
      to continue to overrun my office with 3, 4 or 5
      bags. My colleagues feel the same way. While it is just
      a start, I am steering my purchases towards
      companies that are using technology. I really appreciate a
      clean, quick (high tech) sales call. Thats why the reps
      who are selling off of laptops are getting the
      majority of my business. I know a few dispensaries that
      are almost to the point of only wanting to work with
      computer equipped reps.
      By the way, as a stockholder in
      Lux, I always assumed you guys would be in front of
      the technology curve. It looks like your competitors
      are building new loyalties that are going to be
      difficult to fix.
      I am happy to hear your lines are
      selling well. I hope the rest of the sales force is doing
      well. I assume you are not from Connecticut as Lux is
      in a major war with the opticians over
      Thanks for the positive chat.
      I await Lux stock
      hitting 20!

    • Are You an optician??? If not What?? It sounds
      like your in the optical field!! How do you koow
      customers are happy buying off computers???

      I try to
      use my samples as little as possible(concept sell)!!
      Laptops will wow customers for a short while. Then it
      will be old hat and the customers will see them as
      electric catologs..

      I'm sure we will use laptops
      in the near future. BUT it will help the company
      more than the customer. The sample bags will get
      smaller and the overhead as well

      P.S. Our
      competion may be ahead of us in computers but we still have
      $25 million dollars more to advertise

      P.P.S The advertising is really starting to kick in (At
      noon today my Brooks Brothers sales are up over 50%
      over last June( and last June was good. Anne Klien and
      Vouge are also doing very well

    • I am an only child. No relatives. I will go over to that board and check out who is impersonating me.

    • Are you any relation to "ggecko" over on the DANKY board??

      'Cause that's where the money is...

    • Just a thought. I don't think customers want all
      those sample bags filling up their offices. Thats why
      they are so happy with buying off of a
      Laptop selling is the new wave of the eyewear industry.
      As a Lux stockholder, I hope you folks understand
      this message and bring technology to your selling
      I'd strongly lobby for this tool.

    • We will have them soon. BUT It will just make life for us better not our customers. Our customers still need to see the frames!!!!

    • i wish i knew my opinon is after the split the
      stock is duluted,lux went from 5 mill shares to 25 mill
      shares,theres a lot of shares to buy to make a move
      upward,profit takers have a easy time taking the stock
      down.Without some good news the stock well move down
      slowly,hopefully some investment groups might buy some shares now
      that lux is deffently lower. good luck.

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