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  • TiburonMendez TiburonMendez Nov 5, 1998 11:00 AM Flag

    PIR Info

    This company is expected to grow earnings for
    aproximately 18% next year while its trading at arround 13
    times earnings. It�s a well managed, well capitalized
    firm selling for a cheap price.
    I really haven�t
    done any reseach but I was wondering whether someone
    out there could give some information to get started.
    Just a general overview with next quarter estimates
    and a target price.

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    • sorry, just a test

    • Thanks. The only fly in the ointment for PIR and
      the current upbeat sentiment is if the Fed fails to
      cut interest rates by a 1/4 point on Nov 17, as I
      believe investors have factored that in and and
      disappointment could have some negatives on buying mood if the
      markets react in any major way. Otherwise, it should be a
      good holiday season for retailers. I do have many
      reservations for next year should the bear return in force.

    • Thanks for settling this mystery about imo/imho.
      I think the recent reduction in mortgage rates and
      refinancings will pump spendable dollars into retail this
      Christmas, so I agree with your positive outlook on PIR. I
      only hope that J.C. Cooper and Kathleen Madigan are
      wrong (Business Weeks, Nov 16,98 pp 39)about a
      household backlash. It is a confusing time and everyone is
      wondering if the recent upswing in the market can be
      sustained. BW's analysis is that corporate profits are down
      and will eventually put pressure on households.
      Depends on Asia, Brazil, and nearly everything

      I like PIR's steady basic improvement in store
      sales. This is fundamental. While the big picture is
      murky, PIR just keeps plugging along. I think they will
      gain because currency rates favor importing and PIR is
      well positioned to take advantage. Keep in touch Mr.
      Brad and hope that some of the strange goings on with
      this board are resolved soon so investors can once
      again share data and thoughts intelligently. Regards

    • Althouh PIR is considered specialty retail store
      it's stock price is not only tied to the seasonal
      nature of retail stores but there also are other factors
      that effect its stock price.

      One is that it is
      not a discount store like Sears and Walmart therefor
      its doesn't have a diverse inventory and doesn't
      appeal to the masses. Its customers are either improving
      thier home or buying a gift. The former which ties the
      stock price to housing starts/expansions/improvements
      which add the variable of availability of home
      financing to customer disposible income.

    • PIR is a specialty retailer with a big chunk of its biz moving through the holiday, it's hard to imagine it will change much.


    • has the same attitude. Will the paradigm ever change?

    • Colleagues:

      I have sat on the sidelines
      watching all this irrelevant discussion and waiting for
      PIR to get ready for a run back up. I have decided
      that now is the time. The best buy I could find was
      the 7 1/2 June 1999 options, which were selling for 3
      1/2 today. That means the stock price only has to get
      to 11 by June to break even. Anything over 11 is
      profit and every point above 11 is a 28.5% return on the
      original investment. Anyone here want to bet I won't see
      at least 100% return on this one? (Don't bother
      replying HorrayPir; I already figure you don't think so.)
      I made the same sort of options play on PIR last
      December-February and made a killing.

      Walter High

    • about double what they are selling for now.
      Unfortunately, when
      a company has a small float, that is # of
      shares actually traded,
      it is easy for the big
      players to manipulate the share price to
      advantage, i.e. hold down the price until most of
      small players capitulate and let them scoop up our
      shares cheap.
      Then they run up the price for a big,
      fat killing. I've seen it
      over and over again and
      sometimes I still fall for their tactics

    • Go to
      Type in PIR in the search block on the left. You will get a lot of stats and info.

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