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  • Messenjahh Messenjahh Apr 8, 1999 12:09 PM Flag

    Not until things change

    I don't hold any PIR, nor am I short, but I've
    been watching and waiting. Here is what I

    A company that has flat out failed to change with
    the times, and as a result, has captured none of the
    economic boom spending of the last several years in this
    sector. Go into a PIR store and take a look around.
    You've got a bunch of wicker, and a whole lot of
    mass-manufactured garbage. There is nothing in a PIR store that
    distinguishes it. People only need so many Papa-san (sp?)

    Now take a look at other firms in the PIR
    space. Cost Plus has done a great job of updating their
    look and adjusting to consumer trends. Their wine shop
    is top notch, their housewares are current, and
    they've hired a number of folks away from other firms to
    get a consistent inflow of fresh ideas.

    examples: Crate and Barrel added an upscale, and highly
    successful, furniture line. Pottery Barn added a children's
    catalog that cannot buy inventory fast enough. Even mass
    retailers like Home Depot have figured out that people just
    have a lot of money these days. Take a look at the
    appliances and fixtures they're selling.

    Now, with
    all that said, PIR could still be a good gamble at 7.
    It might go to zero, but you're only going to lose
    $7 per share. A lot of options cost more than that.
    And with sales dismal this year, a fresh look in the
    future could produce some great comp numbers and a
    higher stock price.

    But personally, I think your
    money is better off in Urban Outfitters (URBN).

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    • The following is a message posted by the idiot,
      funnyman, on 4/12/99. On that day, PIR closed at 7

      "PIR's CFO specultes about earning for FY99 and FY00.
      The CFO skipped over the bad news about the last
      quarter of FY98. Why would the CFO talk about the future
      without having mentioned the results of the last quarter
      of FY98. I'll tell you why. The last quarter of FY98
      resulted in a loss. A loss!Wait and see if I'm not right.
      You should conclude that the CFO is talking about the
      future because the recent past was lousy. Wishful
      thinking about FY99 and FY00 won't change the fact that
      PIR has been sinking because some folks got early
      word from insiders about the last quarter of FY98.
      When PIR finally admits the poor results for the last
      quarter, PIR will plummet again. Get out now!For your own
      good, sell PIR before the CFO publicly states the
      results of the last quarter of FY98. PIR will be letting
      out the bad news, real soon!"

      Of course, as we
      know, PIR reported record earnings of $.27 for the
      final quarter of FY 98, up 23% from the same quarter a
      year earlier. Anyone who reads his garbage, and is new
      to this board, needs to be reminded of his past

    • was right is .50 cents on the way and I actually thought this stock was going to go up talk about bad judgement.Guess I'll just hold it for years and years and years.

    • Q4 and FY numbers come in in-line. Company warns about Q1. Consensus was 15-17 cents. Here we go again.

    • Earning for 1999 was 0.27 and 1Q will be only $0.12-0.15. It seemed that it wo'nt go up in the near future.

    • This should be good news. PIR has a lot of new
      plans, new type of store and internet site. I hope they
      will discuss this. We need some hot talk for the
      future. I hope they don't screw up this opportunity. THE

    • A facility for the criminally insane?

      halfway house?

      Do you reside in the Twighlight
      Zone or the Outer Limits?

      You really go One
      Step Beyond!

      Can anyone say when earnings will
      be released?

    • When I was in high school with Funnyman, he was

      living with his grandpa. Funnyman was a flag
      with the dancerette squad at Pocahontas High
      One day his grandpa went to the store to buy a

      container of nondairy creamer and never returned.
      since then, they say, on the weekends, Funnyman

      creeps out at night and goes into his garden to
      pier one rose, and gently bends the stem, and cradles

      the rose in his arms and snorts the yellow
      pollen from its stamen. The bees are always pissed off.

    • forward looking statements are not made lightly...the dog will run soon see Reuters stories later tonight

    • The only pop at .26 will come in a can. Have we
      sunk this far. A whisper number that is only one cent
      above the expected #. 27 will not get us to 9-10. 28
      may get this thing to 9. Good luck everyone!

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