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  • tedallinnby76 tedallinnby76 Jan 25, 2013 10:11 PM Flag

    New to SGU


    I stumbled across SGU in a search for stocks paying a decent cash dividend. On the surface SGU looks good with a current 7.1% current yield. Looking at other companies in the same field....SPH yields 8.2% and has a better track record of increasing dividends.....FGP yields 10.5% with a steady yearly dividend payout ....APU yields 7.8%. So why buy SGU over the other high yielding stocks in the same field ? Also, although I'd like to see my money wok...getting almost nothing in interest from the banks these days...I am concerned about getting my accountant richer with a more complicated returns...adding additional schedules...K-1....etc. A penny for your thoughts ladies and gents. Ted

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    • SGU just raised their dividend. They don't raise their dividend for the fun of it. This is a very positive sign. Good luck.

    • jrpace1 Apr 13, 2013 11:23 AM Flag

      It has also been a nice long winter, finally coming to a close in about a week or 2.. New York Winter Temperatures have been around historic averages, more below average for March and April- in consideration of unseasonably colder temps persisting. A week here or there was unseasonably warm as well as weeks being unseasonably cool, in the end at the average. I referenced monthly/daily temperatures, which can be found at any weather related web site, I used accu weather. This translates into more product (fuel oil) sold as compared to last year's historic warm temps. Should be reporting a good quarter.

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    • Ted: I am retired and can't afford to lose my money, so I always look at Fidelity's rate scale before I put my money on anything. This is how they rate the stocks you mentioned on a scale of 0-10. Thesse rates are as of close 2/7/13.

      SGU - 9.6 - very bullish
      SPH - 0.4 - very bearish
      FGP - 1.6 - very bearish
      APU - 0.1 - very bearish

      I don't think there should be any question as to which one would serve you the best. These days you have to do your homework, and then some.

      Besides SGU, I also own these, which are rated very high on Fidelity's 0-10 point rate scale.

      MCGC - share price - $ 4.64 - yield 10.80% - Rate 7.3
      BKCC - share price - $10.61 - yield 9.73% - Rate 9.5
      NYMT - share price - $ 6.92 - yield 15.70% - Rate 8.0
      RSO - share price - $ 6.39 - yield - 12.62% - Rate 9.7

      I hope this helped you. Have a great day, and good luck.

    • Hi Ted
      If you look at SGU It has Rev of $1.5 B,60M shares, $124M in debt $105M in cash, & OCF $105 M
      FGP has Rev $2.16 B, shares of 79M, Debt of $1.27 B, cash $12M, OCF of $166M.
      What I like about SGU is the debt, and looking long term
      Good luck

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