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  • rwcva rwcva May 12, 2006 10:33 AM Flag

    more cuts

    Everything is done for the benefit of the shareholders. Certainly they have a public to service , and employees to service that customer with, but remember they are a corporation.

    Cutting full time staff limits the cost of floor coverage to those peak hours which has been discussed on here. Also, cutting longtime employees allows FD to hire replacements at a lower cost per hour.

    The way stores are structured and staffed now, all an employee needs to know is how is run a cashier station. No need to pay more than the prevailing area wage per hour.

    Think of employees like a lightbulb in the ceiling, you buy the cheapest that works and when it burns out replace it.

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    • I understand what you are saying but a portion of those stockholders are employees too. How many other industry corporations run thir businesses with only part time eployees. IBM, GE, Microsoft, etc etc etc?
      There has to be something said for happy productive benefitted fulltime employees!! Do department store customers really want to have help from just a cashier? Or do many of them want help from an educated sales professional. I am not talking Kohls, Walmart, Target customers here.

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      • You have seen the posts from Macy's employees, they staff with 1 ...or 2 persons in an area.

        So they are limited to cashier duties.

        Customers certainly would want more help, but name me a retailer in the mid priced field that offers it.

        Federated is a retailer, with certain peak hours.

        You mentioned mostly high tech companies which run 24 7 not staffed at all like a retailer.

    • "Think of employees like a lightbulb in the ceiling, you buy the cheapest that works and when it burns out replace it. "

      Why not buy more expensive light bulbs, save on the electric bill in the long run, and have a bulb that gets brighter the longer it is turned on? If you buy the cheapest bulb you will have to spend three dollars a gallon on gas to get to the store, pay more taxes on the cheap bulbs, and have to get rid of the bag and packing cardboard the bulb comes in.
      Buying cheap bulbs doesn't do a very good job lighting the area if it doesn't know how to burn bright!

    • The store management staff has designed stores to have uniform lighting throught the store.
      So they use the same type of lighting fixture and bulbs throughout.

      Having salesstaff all dress in black is really part of that overall "store appearance" program.

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