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  • rwcva rwcva May 31, 2006 3:24 PM Flag

    Macy's Image by the public & the media

    I would be hard to find a comment posted on here that reflects a really positive excitement of Macy's taking over May locations.

    One reason I suspect is that although Macy's is a landmark in New York City and has the famous Thanksgiving day parade it certainly lacks any great excitement for merchandise assortment as a store. And once inside it certainly has not been famous for any level of customer service out of the ordinary.

    Compare that to how Harrods is viewed in London.

    or Gumps's in San Francisco

    Bergdorf Goodman in New York

    Crate & Barrel on Michigan Avenue in Chicago.

    Marshall Field certainly did not run a good network of branches, BUT downtown Chicago was exciting.

    Perhaps it just that the age of the grand dame department store is over.

    Magazines today go into the merits and offerings of retailers such as Tiffany's, Bergdorf Goodman, Crate & Barrel , and even Target. Even in the home city of Macy's do you ever see a photo shoot or editorial of the product lineup of Macy's in the NEW YORK TIMES?

    Fortune magazine a few months ago had an entire issue devoted to the best organizations / places to work.

    WEGMAN's the grocery chain based in Rochester New York was rated # 1 ..YES number ONE of all places of employment in the USA. Customers drive many miles out of their way to shop them in New York State, eastern Pennsylvania, Central New Jersey, and the western suburbs of Washington DC.

    You see so many negative comments about Macy's from it's it because Macy's is just not a fun place to work? Or one that gives an employee a feeling of being appreciated??? Could be.

    Certainly in today's workplace, there are lots of places to work. Macy's seems to be always looking for help. they are not alone, many other retailers have the same experiance.

    However, some retailers have a staff that honestly does not need to work or has another source of income that some of the staff really do not care how much they are paid. They work there because they love their job. Starbucks comes to mind on this. So does Crate & Barrel. People there just love their jobs!
    Trader Joe's and Whole Foods also have that type of employee.

    Now you may find a person in Macy's cosmetics/fragrances that loves doing their job or in better Jewelry or handbags. But from what I have observed this is rare.

    So what it all comes down to: If the employees of a retailer are not particuarly happy to be there, just how does that translate to the customer?

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    • The only way a union will be effective is if you organize a large segment of the work force. The department store segment will not be enough.

      Now if you can organize the dept. stores, restaurants, hotels and any other unskilled service industry job then you may have something.

      Then you need to ask yourself a question is it doable?

    • If you are unhappy reading the employees posts, don't read them
      If you are not an investor or an employee of FD why spend so much time reading posts on a message board and complaining about the posts.
      Investors should know if employees are happy at a company.

    • I'm not a big fan of unions, but retail may be a place where they are still actually needed and could make a difference.

      Hard to find a better example of low pay, bad working conditions and lack of job security.

      So-called retailers (like FD) have lost interest in actually running "stores" and decided the shareholders are best served by liquidating real estate and credit assets for short-term gains...The actual stores and the people that work there are incidental, and easily disposed of.

      In MA, the Filene's workers had a measure of protection from the union (at the expense of their Macy*s counterparts.) Look at old Lord & business since the 1820s and one of the few not to go bankrupt, in all those years. Now being shopped around by Lundgren as a real estate portfolio.

      If you can't run a business successfully without quasi-slave labor, you need to get out of the business, or be called to account. Unions may be the best answer, at this point.

    • "If you dont like Macys - dont shop there
      If you dont like FD - dont invest there
      If you dont like your job - get another
      If you are unhappy - you can only look to yourself for the answer -"

      OMG, brilliant post!

    • 1. To me - they sound like personal issues - thats my opinion/ If they affect you personally - then they are personal issues.

      2. You assume i knocked on a door at FD - I never said I worked there - just that i had known them to be open to listen to people with ideas

      3. I am not a brain washed FD supporter or puppet - just a person who has been reading this message board for a few months and can not believe that there are so many unhappy employees that choose to nothing more than camplain anonymously rather than stand up and do something to make a difference -

      If you dont like Macys - dont shop there
      If you dont like FD - dont invest there
      If you dont like your job - get another
      If you are unhappy - you can only look to yourself for the answer -

      Like is full of choices- make one that you are proud of and enables you to sleep well at night -

    • These do not sound like personal issues.
      What doors did you knock on?
      You probably knocked on the door, they let you in and then you kissed up.
      That is what Fd managers do best.

    • So, what are YOU doing posting on a public msg board if you feel that way???
      You must be a Macy puppet. As long as you do as you are told and no negative criticism the door is open.
      Sorry, but these are not personal issues, they are issues throughout the entire company.
      You sound like a wimp.

    • <<What i would not do is get on a public message board and start airing company issues that are really personal issues>>

      Having said that, you still found the need to create an identity on 06/02 and post to a public message board your personal issue with someone else's post!


    • OUCH CAT FIGHT! I love it! :O)

    • What i would not do is get on a public message board and start airing company issues that are really personal issues - I too have many years of retail management experience and have always found FD very open to listen - I'm surprised you have not had the same experience -

      My suggestion - Keep knocking on doors - eventually one will open -

      Good Luck

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